Sep 012014

Shocking news: iCloud was hacked that many top stars including Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna’s nude photos were leaked! This news has caused a panic: how iCloud was hacked and my personal pictures are still safe?

It is unclear how the hacker obtained iCloud account so far. And it was even said that iCloud involved somehow, this is going to be a total PR nightmare for Apple, and Apple haven’t given a definite reply.

icloud was hacked

People who have important privacy data on iCloud check their account hurriedly and some of them want to delete data on iCloud. At this time, Mary Elizabeth Winstead found another amazing thing: those pictures taken and deleted years ago were still available in cloud storage. Well, how safe iCloud is? And should we drop iPhone and switch to Android which phone doesn’t use iCloud? Still unknown. But if you are afraid of privacy photos leak, you can disable iCloud: Settings > iCloud > Photos > [Off]

Now, to most people iCloud has been more of a detriment to privacy than a beneficial backup tool. However, very few people would throw away iPhone or iPad immediately because of iCloud hacked event, and they may wait for the explanation and solution from Apple. Yet, iPhone data backup still is significant for data would always lose accidentally, specific iOS 8 full version will be released soon which is likely lead to data loss. Then is there any other ways can we use to backup iPhone photos?

best way to backup iphone dataIf you still trust Apple, you can consider that backing up iPhone or iPad data to iTunes. iTunes backup is stored on your local computer, it seems to be much safer than other cloud services at this point. But I have a better recommendation: Tenorshare iPhone 5 Transfer software. This is a third-party program but it won’t violate and leak your privacy. It is different from iTunes, all the backup files would be saved on computer as readable file with few simple clicks. Moreover, you are able to delete, add your iPhone photos randomly with the help of this tool. Here is how to transfer iPhone photos to PC.

Stored iPhone data on computer is the best and most safe way, but note that it is not 100% safe. Imagine that, what if your computer is hacked, then all the files on computer would be dangerous. In fact, your nude photos are not safe on everywhere, what you can do is to choose the safest way- iPhone 5 Transfer tool to backup them.

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  1. […] If we are back to two weeks ago, you must desire iCloud Drive can be launched as early as possible. However, in the end of August, iCloud was hacked and celebrity photo leaks. Although Apple claimed that the iCloud hack has nothing to do with Apple, the origin is iCloud password is not strong, still we are worry about the scrutiny iCloud, and some users even gave up iCloud and turn to find iCloud alterative for iPhone data backup. […]

  2. The above method is great, it worked for me.

  3. Since icloud was hacked, what’s the best backup for iPhone? Yeah, backup iPhone on computer is the safest way, thanks for the info, I have tried the tool you recommended, it worked like a smart!

  4. thanks

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