Jul 262014

For some reasons, Apple allows importing music from computer to iPod but the contrary way is not allowed. Then how do you do when you have lots of music on your iPod and need to transfer them all to your computer? Have no ideas what to do? Just see my complete guide to transfer iPod music to computer.

If all of the iPod songs are purchased from iTunes store, you can use the “Transfer Purchases” option. Here is how to transfer purchased music from iPod to computer:
1.    Above all, authorize the pc you want to save music by following these steps: Open iTunes> Choose Store > Authorize This Computer> Enter your Apple ID and click Authorize.
2.    Plug in iPod to computer.
3.    Once the iPod icon appears on the iTunes, check it and click “Transfer Purchased” option. Then the iTunes will start to copy all the purchased items to PC.
transfer purchased music from ipod to computer
The way above doesn’t transfer the music from other sources, if you want to backup this part of music, two methods here for you:

* The first method please refers How to use your iPod to move your music to a new computer. This way is offered by Apple but not apply to iPod touch, and it seems a little complicated.

* The second method is to use the iPod data transfer software. All of my friends and me are using Tenorshare iAny Manager. This tool is able to transfer both the purchased and other sources music from iPod to PC without iTunes easily and safely, and it supports iPod Touch as well as iPod Classic, Nano and Shuffle. The whole process is pretty easy, here is how it works.

How to Transfer Music from an iPod to Your Computer with iPod Data Transfer Software

Step 1: Download iAny Manager on Windows 8/7/Vista and install it.
Step 2: Run the program and connect your iPod with PC. After the connection, click on “Music” tab on the left of the program’s interface.
transfer music from ipod to computer
Step 3: Choose any songs you want or just check “All” selection box, then click “Computer” button on the right, then save music on the computer. And you’re done!

The first time I use iPod, it took me about half an hour to figure out how to add music from computer to iPod. And now iAny Manager make transferring music from computer to iPod much easier that it just need to click the “Add” button on the navigation bar. Besides, deleting iPod songs is also can be done simply on iAny Manager.