Feb 202016

LINE is a free instant messaging app for iPhone, Android phone and PC, as a LINE messenger user, you may need to backup and restore the line chat, for example, you decide to change your iPhone to Samsung phone, then you need to transfer line chat history from iPhone to Samsung phone.

Here we offers a way to transfer your line chat history from iPhone to other Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/S4/S3/Note5/Note4/Note3. It is actually quite easy and you only need to backup the line chat from the old iPhone, and restore them on the new Samsung phone.

Guide to backup Line chat history on iPhone

Step 1. Launch Line Messenger on your iPhone, click on the Chats tab and enter into the conversation you want to transfer to Samsung phone.


Step 2. In the chat interface, tap the drop down arrow on the upper right corner.


Step 3. There are several options on the pull-down list, click on “Chat Settings” on the lower right corner.


Step 4. Select “Backup Chat History”.


Step 5. Select “Backup All”.


Step 6. Select “Yes” on the popup window which ask you “Do you want to send this by email?”.


Step 7. Tap on “OK”.


Step 8. Enter the email you want to send the chat history to and then click on “Send” to finish.


Guide to restore Line chat history on Samsung phone

Step 1. On your Samsung phone, copy the Line chat backup file you just got to /sdcard/LINE_Backup/.

Step 2. Launch Line Messenger on your Samsung phone, go into the conversation that you want to restore.


Step 3. Also tap the drop down arrow and tap on “Chat Settings“, select “Import Chat History“.


Step 4. Select “Yes“.


Step 5. A popup window will tell you that the import is successful, then tap on “OK” and your line chat is transfer from iPhone to Samsung phone.


Jan 152015

As far as I know, people are tend to record notes with mobile devices, rather than the notebook, since the mobile devices screen is bigger than bigger and the note app is designed to record things very convenient. However, although it is very convenient, safety cannot be guaranteed. As an iPhone user, iPhone notes disappeared problem has happened to me more than one time, luckily I got back lost notes finally, and I also realize that the safest way to keep my notes is to transfer iPhone notes to computer.

transfer iPhone notes to computer

If you have the same trouble as me, then I guess you may open browner and enter “how to transfer iPhone notes to PC” to search for the solution. The result is, Google will present different kinds of iPhone note transfer tools for you. Indeed, some iPhone data transfer programs maybe work, yet, in my opinion, this is not the perfect option. What I choose is any iPhone data recovery. This is exactly the data recovery tool which also helps me recover iPhone notes, the tool which also can scan all the notes in iPhone and save them to computer. Often, iPhone notes missing suddenly that there’s not enough time for us to transfer them to computer, then owning an iPhone note recovery tool is very important too.

You need perform 3 steps to save iPhone notes to computer:

Step 1:
Download any iPhone data recovery on computer. To transfer iPhone notes to Mac, please download the Mac version. Install and run program.

Step 2:
Connect your iPhone to computer, and then click the “Recover Data from iOS Device” selection. After the connection is done, this program will begin to scan your iPhone files automatically.

Step 3:
When the scan is over, on the left of the program interface, click “Note” catalogue to preview iPhone notes. At last, hit the notes need to transfer to pc, click “Recover” button to save them on computer.

This iPhone tool not only able to transfer iPhone notes to computer, but also transfer iPhone text messages, music, photos, contacts and more files to PC. Give it a shot and let me know if you had transferred iPhone notes to pc successfully.

Oct 312014

Every Halloween, we will wear beautiful costumes and do a horror makeup for the party, and we will take photos with a lot of people, record the happy time into video etc.

free iPhone data transfer appHowever, here is a problem comes, these new taken photos and big videos will take up a lot of storage, and we would worry about that someday these precious data will lose inadvertently.  Thus, transfer data from mobile phone to computer is necessary.  For Android phone, we are able to drag data from phone to PC easily, yet for iOS device like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, you need a 3rd party tool like Tenorshare iPhone 5 Transfer to do it.

iPhone data transfer tool is the creative Halloween gift in 2014 for your friends or relative who are using iOS devices.  Andrew, one of my friends who are an Apple fans, admitted that he will be very happy if he can get such a tool as present. Tenorshare took this into account and decided to put iPhone 5 Transfer tool as a giveaway as long as you buy an iOS Data Recovery program.  To learn more about this activity, please check out Any Data Recovery Halloween Promotion.

When you send this free iPhone data transfer app as a gift for friends, please highlight him how powerful this tool is! For example, with this program, we are able to

Actually, lost the impotant data on iPhone is scarier than anything happens on the Halloween day, but this free iPhone data transfer tool, you won’t be scared once found some important iPhone data missing, this is also a great gift for yourself if you are iPhone user too!

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Oct 152014

I accidentally deleted my playlists in iTunes but they are still on my iPhone. How do I transfer playlist on my iPhone to iTunes? –    Asked by Andrew

transfer iPhone iPad iPod Touch playlist to itunes and computerYeah, we have to admit that we still know a little about how to handle data between iOS device and iTunes, and it seems the operations are so complicate.  Actually, once you have done it one time, you will find it is easier than you think. Moreover, you may be able to find other better ways to get problem solved. Now, come back to the problem Andrew had encountered, let’s take how to move playlist from iOS device to iTunes for example to learn how to deal with iOS data management with ease.

Transfer Music Playlist from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to iTunes

For help transferring playlist from iOS device to iTunes, these steps are required:
1.    Launch iTunes.
2.    Connect iPhone or other devices to computer.
3.    Find your iPhone on the “Devices” menu, and then you can find all the playlist names created on iPhone are shown in the last column.
4.    Click on the playlist name which you need to sync to iTunes, right-click and choose “Export…”
5.    In the pop-up windows, name the playlist and save it on PC/Mac as XML format.
6.    Go to File>Library on iTunes and select “Import Playlist” to import the XML playlist file you just created.
That’s it.

However, this is not the perfect result! That somehow we have transferred iPhone playlist to computer, but still some music playlist issues exist. Such as iTunes sync will erase those playlists created before, a failed synchronization may cause both iOS device and iTunes playlist lose. To keep your playlists work for you forever, you should copy iPhone playlist to computer without iTunes. Then, is it possible? Yes!

Transfer iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Playlist to Computer without iTunes

Apple doesn’t allow doing it, but some tools have been developed to satisfy our urgent demand. Tenorshare iPhone 5 Transfer maybe not so famous at the moment, but after the testing and tryout on different kind of iOS devices for many times, it is proved to be the excellent data transfer tool.
Note: iPhone 5 Transfer just a product name, and actually it compatible well with iPhone 6 Plus/6, iPhone 4S/4, iPhone 3GS and all the iPad, iPod models.

If you need to get iPhone, iPad or iPod playlist to computer, do as the following:
1.    Download iOS Devices Playlist Transfer tool on PC and install it.
2.    Open the program and connect your device with computer. After the authentication, this tool will scan all the files on your device and list them into catalogue.
3.    From the screen-capture from the iPhone 5 Transfer below, you can quickly find the Playlist catalogue

transfer iphone ipad ipod  playlist to pc

4.    Mark the playlist you need to copy, select all the songs or select those you like, and click on “Computer” button to save playlist on computer.

Some sharp-eyed readers have found that except copying playlist from iOS device to computer, this tool also allows us to add new music to playlist, edit existed music or delete some music not so nice from the playlist. Yeah, all of these functions are able to make you enjoy music much more comfortable on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, what are you waiting for?

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Oct 022014

You probably need to find out how to save text messages to computer from iPhone when you are in trouble like these:
– Have to delete some old messages to receive the new messages when the SMS box is full.
– Can’t access and view iPhone messages directly on iTunes backup.
– Hope to print iPhone text messages on computer.
– Backup iPhone text message to PC for unlimited times.
– Want to transfer all the text messages from others’ iPhone.

transfer iPhone text messages to computer

Apple doesn’t provide such a way to download texts from iPhone to computer as readable and writable file, but you can do this through a 3rd party app. iPhone Data Transfer is the ideal tool which allows you transfer iPhone SMS to computer.

Here is what you need to do to transfer iPhone text messages to computer with iPhone data transfer tool:
1: Download iPhone data transfer tool free version here, then install and run this software.
2: Connect iPhone to PC via cable.
3: On the left of the program UI, click on “Messages” option.

save iPhone text messages to computer

4: Before transfer, you can preview the SMS content, and then select those texts you need, click on “Computer” button to save SMS on PC.

After that, you can deal with your iPhone SMS like the normal files on computer.

More about this iPhone file transfer app:

  • It supports all the iPhone models like iPhone 6 Plus/6, iPhone 5S/ 5C/5, iPhone 4S etc.
  • Well compatible with iOS 8.
  • Not only enables to import iPhone text messages to computer, but transfer other files like photos, music, contacts and more to PC with few easy clicks.
Sep 192014

Tired of using Android phone? The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus goes on sell! No doubt, the new iPhone is the most popular phone at the moment that it should be the first choice for those people who want to change phone. However, for those people who used Android phone all this time, they maybe hesitate whether to change or not because the problem of how to transfer data from Android phone to iPhone 6, 6 Plus.

As known to all, the iOS devices data management is complicated and some of operations allowed on Android phone are forbidden on iPhone, for example, we can drag data from computer to Android phone with the simple copy and paste yet it can’t be done on iPhone.  Well, it is a pity to give up enjoying iPhone caused the data transfer problem, and actually, you are able to solve it.  This tutorial will provide 3 ways to migrate Android phone data to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

transfer data from android phone to iphone 6 6 plus

1. Transfer Data from Android Phone to iPhone 6, 6 Plus through Internet

Recommend Level: 1 Star

I have seen some of my friends found back their contacts on Twitter like “Just got the new iPhone 6. Lost all contacts. Text me your name!”  Yeah, this is a way to build contacts on your new phone rather than manual import one by one.  However, not everyone can see your tweet that you may miss some important numbers.

Likewise, share your photos in SNS with Android phone and download it with iPhone, save text messages on some synchronous tools like Evernote and read it on iPhone are some ways you can adopt through the Internet to use Android data on iPhone.  Although these ways are feasible, it is too trouble and not complete. Thus, you should consider the ways in the following.

2.  Switch Android Phone Data to iPhone 6, 6 Plus Using Apple Guideline

Recommend Level: 3 Stars

Before iOS 8 released, Apple launches a guide for Android users to move content from Android phone to iPhone. This guide details how to move photos, music, documents etc. from Android phone to iPhone with iTunes, iCloud and some uncertain third-party apps but not the tools provided by Apple.

Moreover, different kinds of file types’ migration are different. That’s mean you have to take a lot of work to deal with these files, and some of steps are a little complicate. If you are not afraid of the trouble and have time, you can try it. If not, the way below is good for you.

3. Transfer Android Phone Data to iPhone 6, 6 Plus with iPhone Data Transfer Tool

Recommend Level: 5 Stars

Tenorshare iPhone 5 Transfer tool is not just for iPhone 5 series data transfer, but available for all the iPhone models including iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 4S/4 and iPhone 3GS. This tool enables to add data from computer to iPhone directly, and all the data types like contacts, photos, music, text messages, app data and more can be transferred on the same interface. Here is how it works.

First, transfer Android Phone data to computer.
Connect Android phone with PC via USB cable. After the computer recognized the phone as a drive, you can open it and copy the files you want to transfer to computer.

Second, transfer old Android Phone data from PC to iPhone 6, 6 Plus.
Download, install and run iPhone 5 Transfer on your computer. Connect iPhone 6, 6 Plus with computer via data cable. Then, click on file type, and hit the “Add” button to import the Android files on computer. That’s all there is to it.
transfer android phone data to iphone 6 6 plus
For more help refer to this tutorial: How to Transfer Data from Android Phone to iPhone Without Data Loss

Aug 272014

This article has figured out the problem most iPhone users want to know: “How do I transfer music from iPhone to computer?

As is well known, we can easily to import music from computer to iPhone free, yet Apple doesn’t allow you to do the opposite. It will be a little difference for the purchase item, but most iPhone users want to transfer all the music. To learn how to transfer music from iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3GS to computer, check out 2 ways in the following.

transfer music from iPhone to computer

Transfer music from iPhone to computer

1.    Transfer iPhone Music to Computer with iTunes

It won’t be the same for the paying customers and non-paying customer. If your songs are purchased from store, then the songs can be easily copied to PC with the help of iTunes and the songs can be found in these locations on your computer:
Mac OS X: /Users/username/Music/iTunes/
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\
Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista: C:\Users\username\Music\iTunes\

It is pretty simple to sync purchase iPhone music to computer, here is how:

In the first step: Run iTunes and connect your iPhone with computer. (Be sure to authorize the computer before connecting the device)
In the second step: On the left menu, right click on iPhone and choose “Transfer Purchases”

transfer purchase music from iphone to computer

This way also available for transferring purchased music from iPod to computer and works for iPad too.

If your music is free, please use the steps in the next section to transfer your iPhone music to computer.

2.    Transfer iPhone Music to Computer without iTunes

iPhone 5 Transfer is the brightest software to manager iPhone data, including transfer iPhone data to computer or iTunes, restore iPhone backup etc. In this part, we are focus on how to transfer iPhone songs to PC with the help of iPhone 5 Transfer.

Note: make sure you have installed the latest iTunes on your computer. But all the steps are operated on iPhone 5 Transfer but not on iTunes.

Here is what you need to use iPhone 5 Transfer:

  • Naturally you first have to download and install software on your computer.
  • Run iPhone 5 Transfer and connect iPhone with PC. This program will take you few seconds to scan your iPhone then it will enter the interface as below:

transfer iphone music to computer

  • Click on “Music” list and preview all the songs on your iPhone.
  • After that, mark any songs you want to backup or just check “All” to select all the songs, then click “Computer” button on the right, and choose one path on your computer to save iPhone music to computer.

That’s all there is to it

Furthermore, you can add new songs from computer to iPhone, edit music information or delete music from iPhone directly on iPhone Data Transfer tool.

Aug 052014

For better to use iPhone contacts and prevent contacts lost, grasping how to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer is hugely important. However, in most iPhone users, the iOS data management is complicated that they do not want to do it themselves. Here, I’m going to teach you how to back up your iPhone contacts to PC without difficulty.

Part 1: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer with iTunes

iPhone contacts disappeared or deleted after iOS 8 upgrade, factory restore etc.? If you have synced iPhone with iTunes before lost contacts, it is easily to restore iPhone contacts from iTunes backup.

The transfer process goes like this:
1.    Run iTunes on your computer
2.    Connect your iPhone with computer
3.  Navigate Start> Programs> Accessories to open “Address Book”
4.  Click the iPhone icon on iTunes
5.  Tick Info and choose “Sync contacts from” under “Contacts”, then pick “Windows Address Book” from the drop down menu. Check all the contacts.

tranfer iPhone contacts to computer with iTunes

6.  Click “Sync” at the bottom right of iTunes.
You’re done!

This way actually is not hard to learn, yet most people don’t like it because after the restore, all the data in iPhone will be wiped! Moreover, it is not a directly transfer way that it doesn’t work for those who want to transfer contacts from iPhone to pc in a printed list, or who change a new phone just want to keep these contacts to look it up when need it.

When you need to transfer iPhone contacts on PC as readable and rewriteable file, go on to read the Part 2.

Part 2: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to PC without iTunes

In this part, I will show you how to copy iPhone contacts to computer with an iPhone data transfer tool. The iPhone data transfer tool can do most what iTunes, iCloud, Outlook, Gmail can’t do.

transfer iphone contacts from iphone to computer without itunesKey Features:

  • Save the transfer contacts on computer as in a variety of formats including vCard file, Outlook Express, Windows Address Book, Windows Live Mail or Outlook 2003/2007/2010.
  • Except transfer, it also can add, delete and edit iPhone contacts.
  • Transfer iPhone contacts, photos, text messages, music, videos, app data and more.
  • Compatible with iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS, iPad and iPod Touch.

So powerful tool actually is very easy to use, no tech skills are required. Here is how it works:
Step 1: Download program from www.any-data-recovery.com & install iPhone file transfer software on PC and launch it.
Step 2: Plug iPhone with computer then the program will automatically scan and list all the iPhone data on the program interface.
Step 3: Click “Contacts” on the left, and then choose any contacts you need to transfer, and click “Computer” button on the right.
Step 4: Choose the save path and contact format, click “Save” to finish.

This is how to transfer iPhone contacts to Windows 8/7. If you are Mac user, please check transfer contacts from iPhone to Mac.

Jul 092014

iPhone users have the problem of “How do I transfer my photos from my iPhone to a folder on computer?” usually resulting from photos and other media data have taken a lot of iPhone memory, want to import photos taken from iPhone to pc, or save photos from broken, damaged iPhone and even just want to keep the photos in iPhone before sell it etc.

Actually, transferring photos from iPhone camera roll to computer is not difficult if you have chosen the right way. Don’t waste your time if you are intending to try these ways:
1.    Directly copy iPhone pictures to computer. People who connect iPhone with computer and go to the “Computer” window, right-clicking “Apple iPhone” under” Portable Devices” and selecting “Import pictures and videos” would get the messages “No pictures or videos were found on this device.”
2.    Use iTunes. When you open iTunes, yeah, you can see all your photos, however, no utility that allows a transfer, photos just can be synced to computer into an unreadable backup file.
3.    Use iCloud. More precisely, iCloud is just allows you to backup iPhone photos on the Cloud. Moreover, it will delete everything stored in iPhone after restore.
4.    Use E-mail. This is a practicable solution, but when you have a large number of photos, the work is troublesome.
5.    iPhoto. iPhoto is specific for Mac, needn’t take it into consideration if you are Windows 8/7/XP users.

how to transfer iphone photos to pc
Stop wasting your time, and get into the easiest and practical solution by far, that’s using an iOS data transfer tool- iAny Manager, which is developed by the most famous data management software company Tenorshare. This tool is able to backup iPhone pictures and other files like contacts, messages, music to computer with few easy clicks. iAny Manager is compatible with iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS and iPad/iPod Touch which run on iOS 7/iOS 6 and even iOS 8. Next, I will outline the detailed steps taken to backup iPhone photos to computer.

Here is how to Transfer iPhone Photos to PC

Step 1: Free download iAny Manager and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Run program and connect your iPhone to the PC. Once your iPhone is recognized, the program will automatically find all the data on your phone and presents them to you as a list.  Please see the picture below:
how to backup iphone photos to computer
Step 3: Click on “Photos” list, preview photos before transfer.

Step 4: Choose those photos need to transfer, or just check “All”, and then move the mouse to the right, click on “Computer” button to save them on your computer.

This is how to transfer iPhone photos to Windows computer. For Mac users, please refer to this tutorial: Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac.

Jun 302014

Welcome to the Any Phone Data Transfer blog, where we are able to find the best solutions for data transfer of iOS device.

You are in this blog is most likely because:

> Want to backup iOS data to computer in case data loss caused by iOS upgrade, accidentally delete, iPhone is damaged etc.
> Want to transfer iOS data to pc to print out.
> Be afraid of data will lose after device is synced.
> Change phone but want to keep the data.
> Transfer iPhone data to Android phone.
> Transfer iPhone data to iPad, iPod Touch.
> Transfer iPad data to iPhone, iPod Touch.
> Transfer iPod data to iPhone iPad.
And more reasons.

You may have one or more demands as mentioned above, in order to help you solve all of the problems, I start this blog.

What you can do in this blog:

One, browse all the data transfer solution and use tips in this blog;
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