Oct 272015

“I just upgraded my iPhone 5 to Samsung Galaxy S6, iOS to Android, and I could not find a reasonable tutorial to help me transfer my WhatsApp messages from iPhone 5 to Galaxy S6. Anyone knows?”

It is common that someone users want to retain their WhatsApp messages, but we can not directly transfer our WhatsApp data from iOS to Android devices such as Samsung, HTC, LG and other phones. So it is a troubling thing for us to deal with the WhatsApp problem when we upgraded our iPhone to Android phones.

But it is possible to achieve, you still has a chance to complete this without a third-party software, only need to prepare a computer and make sure that your old iOS and new Android devices can be recognized by this computer. Then you can follow the 3 steps below to transfer your WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to any Android phones.

Step 1: Backup iPhone WhatsApp Messages to Computer


We do not rely on tools, so we need to backup those WhatsApp data to computer first, and transfer the backup files from computer to Android devices on step 2.

1.Connect you iPhone to computer without iTunes(you need to close iTunes manually).
2.Run “cmd” and enter these commands in sequence: “dir” >> “dir\a” >> “cd [folder]” >> “copy [source] [destination]”.

Explanation(search for a “whatsapp” folder and storage it):

  • “dir” – See visible contents of the current folder.
  • “dir\a” – See all contents of the current folder.
  • “cd [folder]” – Change directory.
  • “copy [source] [destination]” – Copy the folder you need to your computer.

Step 2: Transfer WhatsApp Messages to Android Phone

You need to install WhatsApp on your new Android phone first, and then connect your Android phone to computer, open the WhatsApp folder and create a “Databases” folder in it, copy the backup file into this folder.

Step 3: Restore Backup Files on Your New WhatsApp

Now you can launch the WhatsApp on your Android phone, and it will remind you there is backup files, you just need to chick on “Restore” to get your messages in the new Android phone.

Up to now, you’ve successfully transfer WhatsApp messages from iOS to Android, which is very easy and does not require any tools.

Aug 192015

Need to transfer your iPhone photos to your PC to save your phone storage? Want to transfer the photos from iPhone to your Mac without iPhoto? But, do you know how to do it easily? In this article, I will tell you a best way to transfer your iOS 9 photos to your PC/Mac free with free iPhone care.

Free iPhone care has a free feature which can offer you a way to share and manage photos, contacts, videos, music and more. You can add files to iOS 9, delete files and export files on your iPhone/iPad/iPod to PC/Mac. And now, I will specifically to teach you how to use this software to transfer iOS 9 photos to PC/Mac.

Step 1: Connect iPhone, iPad and iPod to PC/Mac

Download free iPhone care and run the software, then, connect your device to your PC/Mac via a USB cable. When your device come out a message says “Trust this computer?”. Click “Trust”. Select “Files Manager” from your computer main interface.

transfer ios 9 photos to pc/mac free

Step 2: Select photo of File to Manage

Select “photo” from the 8 types of files (Contacts, Notes, Calendar, APP, Video, Bookmark, Photo and Music) to manage.

transfer ios 9 photos to computer

Step 3: Manage Files

To transfer iOS 9 photos to computer, you should check target photos first , then click “Export to”. The photos will be saved in a folder on your computer by default. Of course, you can change the destination folder as you like.

By the way, free iPhone care has another special feature: Free Cleanup .It can help you speed up your device and optimize your iOS by removing junk files. When you need, you can have a try!

Recently, some people lost data after upgrade to iOS 9, here are some good ways can help us recover lost data from iOS 9 devices free .