Feb 202016

LINE is a free instant messaging app for iPhone, Android phone and PC, as a LINE messenger user, you may need to backup and restore the line chat, for example, you decide to change your iPhone to Samsung phone, then you need to transfer line chat history from iPhone to Samsung phone.

Here we offers a way to transfer your line chat history from iPhone to other Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/S4/S3/Note5/Note4/Note3. It is actually quite easy and you only need to backup the line chat from the old iPhone, and restore them on the new Samsung phone.

Guide to backup Line chat history on iPhone

Step 1. Launch Line Messenger on your iPhone, click on the Chats tab and enter into the conversation you want to transfer to Samsung phone.


Step 2. In the chat interface, tap the drop down arrow on the upper right corner.


Step 3. There are several options on the pull-down list, click on “Chat Settings” on the lower right corner.


Step 4. Select “Backup Chat History”.


Step 5. Select “Backup All”.


Step 6. Select “Yes” on the popup window which ask you “Do you want to send this by email?”.


Step 7. Tap on “OK”.


Step 8. Enter the email you want to send the chat history to and then click on “Send” to finish.


Guide to restore Line chat history on Samsung phone

Step 1. On your Samsung phone, copy the Line chat backup file you just got to /sdcard/LINE_Backup/.

Step 2. Launch Line Messenger on your Samsung phone, go into the conversation that you want to restore.


Step 3. Also tap the drop down arrow and tap on “Chat Settings“, select “Import Chat History“.


Step 4. Select “Yes“.


Step 5. A popup window will tell you that the import is successful, then tap on “OK” and your line chat is transfer from iPhone to Samsung phone.


Jul 242015

Data transfer between different devices is one of our daily needs. We want to transfer videos, photos, contacts, notes and more from iPhone to Android. There are many ways to sync Android data to iPhone, but most of them could cause data loss during transfer. I have suffered this issue when transferring my iPhone 6 data to Sansung phone, but now I find out a secure data transfer software without data loss, iPhone Care Pro, and all my precious video have successfully transferred from iPhone to Android.

Now, I will share you how to transfer large videos from iPhone to Android phone step by step.

Firstly, you need to download the iPhone to Android transfer app, Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro. It will help you move iPhone videos to Android without losing anything on your devices. This method is applied to all iPhone and Android phones models. There are only 2 steps to transfer iPhone videos to Android. Of course, you can also transfer photos, messages, contacts and more other contents from iPhone to Android.

Step 1. Export iPhone videos to Computer
There are many ways to transfer data from iPhone to computer. But, in my opinion the direct and simplest method is to use a USB.
Connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable. It appears as a new drive in your computer desktop. Then, copy your iPhone videos to your computer.

Step 2. Import iPhone videos from Computer to Android
Run Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro and connect Android phone to the computer. On the interface of iPhone Care Pro, select a file type and click on the “Add” button to import the iPhone videos that you previously saved to your computer in step 1.

It is very easy to transfer large videos from iPhone to Android phone, isn’t it? You can also transfer music, photos, contacts, SMS, apps and more between your iPhone/iPad/iPod, PC and iTunes with Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro software, and it can even help you share data between iOS and Android. By the way, there is a best way to send large video files on WhatsApp, hope can give you a great help when you need.