Jun 192015

If you are crazy about WhatsApp chatting with your loves and friends, you must have many funny or meanningful messages between them. However, iPhone memory space is limited, because iOS occupy most of space to run, and apps, media files or other data also need to be store for various usage. WhatsApp message is also a “space monstor” as the app is used frequently. Besides, it is hard to clean those messages data because most of them have special meaning for us. What’s more, WhatsApp will automatically clean messages data when dealine come, user can’t get back those messages data from backup.

So, it is necessary to find ways to transfer iPhone WhatsApp messages to Mac computer for backup.

Way 1: Officially, E-mail messages and save in your computer

To save WhatsApp messages to computer, WhatsApp provides a E-mail method for user to mail their messages data to their own E-mail account as an attachment. However, such as video, voice messages are not avalible. Then, you can download the attachments and save in computer. The attachment is a .txt files, which is easy to be saved and copied.

Honestly, this E-mail way may be not so convenient, especailly when the messages data is large, attactment in E-mail have limitation of size.


transfer iphone whatsapp messages to mac

Way 2:Use data transfer tool for iPhone

Another way to transfer iPhone WhatsApp messages to Mac computer is using data transfer tool. Search on the web, so many choices can help you, most of them have the option that is designed for WhatsApp chatting data.

Transfering tool for iPhone:

iAny Transfer

Way 3: Use Free WhatsApp Recovery for Mac

Free WhatsApp Recovery for Mac is a freeware designed to restore/recover the chat (and all attachment) deleted from the app Whatsapp from iPhone/iPad/iPod. Recover WhatsApp individual and group conversations (text messages, photos, videos, audios) and save them on your PC in txt, xls or xml.

This program not only can export iPhone WhatsApp messages data to Mac computer, but also can help you recover lost, deleted WhatsApp messages from iPhone.

May 252015

Only iTunes can helpe you back up iPhone 6/6 Plus personal data to computer?

iTunes seems to be awesome and skillful to manage iOS device including iPhone 6/6 Plus on computer. This program that is developed by Apple ca help user to manage their iOS device, upgrade system, download media,etc. Mostly,we always use iTunes to back up phone data to computer. However, iTunes just make our backup data as a encrypted files. We can’t view specific personal data on computer, which is so inconvenient. So we need to another better way to transfer iPhone 6 personal data to computer.

Other better way to transfer iPhone 6/6 Plus data to computer

iPhone is different from other smart phone. With iOS that is “closed” type system, iPhone data can’t be read easily, especially when you don’t install iTunes on your computer. User is not able to manage their phone data easily on computer. Although iTunes can help user back up iOS device data to computer, the backup file can’t be read as normal file on computer because of privacy.

When you only need to transfer part of iPhone 6 data such as contacts, text messages, photos, videos,etc, iTunes can’t help us complete special data transfering from iPhone 6 to computer. Then you can use other better tools.



transfer iphone 6 personal data to computer


For example, iAny Transfer is a good choice to transfer iOS device including iPhone, iPad, iPod data to computer. iAny Transfer offers some nifty features that iTunes leaves out. Providing the ultimate transfer solution, this iOS manager software allows you to transfer music, videos, playlists, photos, contacts, SMS, apps and more between your iPhone/iPad/iPod, PC and iTunes, and it can even help to share data between iOS and Android. It also features one-click backup and restore functions to let you completely manage your iOS data. Fully compatible with iOS 8.3.

just in three steps. Let’s see how it works.

Step 1: Launch iAny Transfer on your computer, and connect your iPhone 6 to computer via a USB cable. Make sure you click on “Trust” button on the pop-up menu on your iPhone, so that iAny Transfer can read your device successfully.

Step 2: After your iPhone 6 is read successfully, all your photos, music, contacts, videos, apps, text messages files can be presented by clicking the left-side menu. Select data you want to add to computer and click on “Computer” on the right.

Step 3: Choose a save path to save the exported photos, music, videos, contacts, apps, text messages on your computer.


Fine, this way for iPhone 6 personal data transfering is good ? Tell me your opinions!

Dec 252014

Buy a new iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3, and want to transfer info from the old iPad to the new iPad? Generally speaking, the old iPad will be sold or give away after we get the new one that we deeply need to migrate files.  For some reasons, Apple doesn’t allows you transfer data between iPad devices with simple copy and paste, don’t disappoint, to transfer contacts, notes, photos, text messages, video and more files to the new iPad, you can follow any methods below:

transfer data from old iPad to iPad Air 2 Mini 3

The First Method: Transfer Data from Old iPad to iPad Air 2/iPad Mini 3 Using iAny Transfer

iAny Transfer is a data transfer tool which allows you to transfer iPad data to computer, iTunes, between iPad devices and even transfer iPad data to iPhone, iPod.

Here are the steps:
#1:  Download iAny Transfer and install it on computer, run program.
#2:  Connect the old iPad to PC and transfer any iPad data to computer.
#3: Disconnect the old iPad and connect the new iPad, import the data transferred from the old iPad on computer to the new iPad.

This is the most easy and quick way to move old iPad data to the new iPad Air and iPad Mini 3. And if you upgrade your iPhone or iPod, you can follow the same steps above to transfer info from the old device to the new device too, read more!

The Second Method: Move Info from the Old iPad to the new iPad with iTunes

Please performance these steps:
a.    Launch iTunes and connect the old iPad with computer and backup iPad data to iTunes, then disconnect old iPad
b.    Connect the iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3 to PC and choose “Backup content to this device” option to receive the data from the old iPad.

The Third Method: Migrate Data from Old iPad to the iPad Air 2/iPad Mini 3 via iCloud

Follow these easy steps:
* Set iPad language and country after the iPad power on.
* Connect iPad with WiFi
* Tap “Restore from iCloud backup” option and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
* Choose the backup name of the old iPad and restore it to the new iPad.

transfer data from old ipad to new ipad via iCloud

Congratulations! You can enjoy the old data on your new iPad now!

Oct 152014

I accidentally deleted my playlists in iTunes but they are still on my iPhone. How do I transfer playlist on my iPhone to iTunes? –    Asked by Andrew

transfer iPhone iPad iPod Touch playlist to itunes and computerYeah, we have to admit that we still know a little about how to handle data between iOS device and iTunes, and it seems the operations are so complicate.  Actually, once you have done it one time, you will find it is easier than you think. Moreover, you may be able to find other better ways to get problem solved. Now, come back to the problem Andrew had encountered, let’s take how to move playlist from iOS device to iTunes for example to learn how to deal with iOS data management with ease.

Transfer Music Playlist from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to iTunes

For help transferring playlist from iOS device to iTunes, these steps are required:
1.    Launch iTunes.
2.    Connect iPhone or other devices to computer.
3.    Find your iPhone on the “Devices” menu, and then you can find all the playlist names created on iPhone are shown in the last column.
4.    Click on the playlist name which you need to sync to iTunes, right-click and choose “Export…”
5.    In the pop-up windows, name the playlist and save it on PC/Mac as XML format.
6.    Go to File>Library on iTunes and select “Import Playlist” to import the XML playlist file you just created.
That’s it.

However, this is not the perfect result! That somehow we have transferred iPhone playlist to computer, but still some music playlist issues exist. Such as iTunes sync will erase those playlists created before, a failed synchronization may cause both iOS device and iTunes playlist lose. To keep your playlists work for you forever, you should copy iPhone playlist to computer without iTunes. Then, is it possible? Yes!

Transfer iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Playlist to Computer without iTunes

Apple doesn’t allow doing it, but some tools have been developed to satisfy our urgent demand. Tenorshare iPhone 5 Transfer maybe not so famous at the moment, but after the testing and tryout on different kind of iOS devices for many times, it is proved to be the excellent data transfer tool.
Note: iPhone 5 Transfer just a product name, and actually it compatible well with iPhone 6 Plus/6, iPhone 4S/4, iPhone 3GS and all the iPad, iPod models.

If you need to get iPhone, iPad or iPod playlist to computer, do as the following:
1.    Download iOS Devices Playlist Transfer tool on PC and install it.
2.    Open the program and connect your device with computer. After the authentication, this tool will scan all the files on your device and list them into catalogue.
3.    From the screen-capture from the iPhone 5 Transfer below, you can quickly find the Playlist catalogue

transfer iphone ipad ipod  playlist to pc

4.    Mark the playlist you need to copy, select all the songs or select those you like, and click on “Computer” button to save playlist on computer.

Some sharp-eyed readers have found that except copying playlist from iOS device to computer, this tool also allows us to add new music to playlist, edit existed music or delete some music not so nice from the playlist. Yeah, all of these functions are able to make you enjoy music much more comfortable on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, what are you waiting for?

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Sep 012014

Shocking news: iCloud was hacked that many top stars including Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna’s nude photos were leaked! This news has caused a panic: how iCloud was hacked and my personal pictures are still safe?

It is unclear how the hacker obtained iCloud account so far. And it was even said that iCloud involved somehow, this is going to be a total PR nightmare for Apple, and Apple haven’t given a definite reply.

icloud was hacked

People who have important privacy data on iCloud check their account hurriedly and some of them want to delete data on iCloud. At this time, Mary Elizabeth Winstead found another amazing thing: those pictures taken and deleted years ago were still available in cloud storage. Well, how safe iCloud is? And should we drop iPhone and switch to Android which phone doesn’t use iCloud? Still unknown. But if you are afraid of privacy photos leak, you can disable iCloud: Settings > iCloud > Photos > [Off]

Now, to most people iCloud has been more of a detriment to privacy than a beneficial backup tool. However, very few people would throw away iPhone or iPad immediately because of iCloud hacked event, and they may wait for the explanation and solution from Apple. Yet, iPhone data backup still is significant for data would always lose accidentally, specific iOS 8 full version will be released soon which is likely lead to data loss. Then is there any other ways can we use to backup iPhone photos?

best way to backup iphone dataIf you still trust Apple, you can consider that backing up iPhone or iPad data to iTunes. iTunes backup is stored on your local computer, it seems to be much safer than other cloud services at this point. But I have a better recommendation: Tenorshare iPhone 5 Transfer software. This is a third-party program but it won’t violate and leak your privacy. It is different from iTunes, all the backup files would be saved on computer as readable file with few simple clicks. Moreover, you are able to delete, add your iPhone photos randomly with the help of this tool. Here is how to transfer iPhone photos to PC.

Stored iPhone data on computer is the best and most safe way, but note that it is not 100% safe. Imagine that, what if your computer is hacked, then all the files on computer would be dangerous. In fact, your nude photos are not safe on everywhere, what you can do is to choose the safest way- iPhone 5 Transfer tool to backup them.

Jul 172014

Watching video on iPad, especial on iPad Air and iPad with Retina, is an enjoyable entertainment because of its display. However, the storage capacity of iPad usually small that it is easy to beyond capacity when you download or record little more videos. At this time, most iPad users would like to transfer iPad video to PC to save space.

transfer ipad video to pc

Yet, copying iPad video to pc directly doesn’t work. Don’t complain about it, that’s exactly what Apple does better place to protect the data’s security. And, though you are able to sync iPad data to computer with iTunes, the problem is not yet settled. To solve this problem, you need a third-party tool like iAny Manager.

iAny Manager is an excellent tool to transfer iPad data to computer, the data type can be videos, photos and contacts etc. Moreover, this tool also allows you to transfer video to iPad from computer. All iPad models like iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina and iPad 4/3/2/1 that run on iOS 7/iOS 8 are supported!

To surely transfer iPad video to computer, follow these simple instructions:

1.    Download and install iPad data transfer tool
First of all, make sure you have installed the latest iTunes version on your computer.
Download this iPad data transfer tool on computer from http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/iphone-ipad-ipod-manager.html, install and run program.

2.    Connect iPad to computer
Connect your iPad to computer with data cable. The program will begin to scan iPad once iPad has been connected. When the scan is over, the iPad information like iPad model, iPad user name would be displayed on the main interface.

3.    Preview and transfer iPad video
All the data in iPad will be listed into catalogue. Navigate to the left, click on “Media”, and you can find the video catalog is located in the media folder. Click on “Video” and choose those videos you want, and then click on “Computer” button on the right, choose the save path on the pop-up windows to transfer videos from iPad to computer.

That’s it! This iOS data transfer tool is help to transfer iPad video to pc without iTunes easily and quickly. Try it now!

Jun 302014

Welcome to the Any Phone Data Transfer blog, where we are able to find the best solutions for data transfer of iOS device.

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> Transfer iPhone data to Android phone.
> Transfer iPhone data to iPad, iPod Touch.
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> Transfer iPod data to iPhone iPad.
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You may have one or more demands as mentioned above, in order to help you solve all of the problems, I start this blog.

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