Oct 272015

“I just upgraded my iPhone 5 to Samsung Galaxy S6, iOS to Android, and I could not find a reasonable tutorial to help me transfer my WhatsApp messages from iPhone 5 to Galaxy S6. Anyone knows?”

It is common that someone users want to retain their WhatsApp messages, but we can not directly transfer our WhatsApp data from iOS to Android devices such as Samsung, HTC, LG and other phones. So it is a troubling thing for us to deal with the WhatsApp problem when we upgraded our iPhone to Android phones.

But it is possible to achieve, you still has a chance to complete this without a third-party software, only need to prepare a computer and make sure that your old iOS and new Android devices can be recognized by this computer. Then you can follow the 3 steps below to transfer your WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to any Android phones.

Step 1: Backup iPhone WhatsApp Messages to Computer


We do not rely on tools, so we need to backup those WhatsApp data to computer first, and transfer the backup files from computer to Android devices on step 2.

1.Connect you iPhone to computer without iTunes(you need to close iTunes manually).
2.Run “cmd” and enter these commands in sequence: “dir” >> “dir\a” >> “cd [folder]” >> “copy [source] [destination]”.

Explanation(search for a “whatsapp” folder and storage it):

  • “dir” – See visible contents of the current folder.
  • “dir\a” – See all contents of the current folder.
  • “cd [folder]” – Change directory.
  • “copy [source] [destination]” – Copy the folder you need to your computer.

Step 2: Transfer WhatsApp Messages to Android Phone

You need to install WhatsApp on your new Android phone first, and then connect your Android phone to computer, open the WhatsApp folder and create a “Databases” folder in it, copy the backup file into this folder.

Step 3: Restore Backup Files on Your New WhatsApp

Now you can launch the WhatsApp on your Android phone, and it will remind you there is backup files, you just need to chick on “Restore” to get your messages in the new Android phone.

Up to now, you’ve successfully transfer WhatsApp messages from iOS to Android, which is very easy and does not require any tools.

Sep 192014

Tired of using Android phone? The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus goes on sell! No doubt, the new iPhone is the most popular phone at the moment that it should be the first choice for those people who want to change phone. However, for those people who used Android phone all this time, they maybe hesitate whether to change or not because the problem of how to transfer data from Android phone to iPhone 6, 6 Plus.

As known to all, the iOS devices data management is complicated and some of operations allowed on Android phone are forbidden on iPhone, for example, we can drag data from computer to Android phone with the simple copy and paste yet it can’t be done on iPhone.  Well, it is a pity to give up enjoying iPhone caused the data transfer problem, and actually, you are able to solve it.  This tutorial will provide 3 ways to migrate Android phone data to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

transfer data from android phone to iphone 6 6 plus

1. Transfer Data from Android Phone to iPhone 6, 6 Plus through Internet

Recommend Level: 1 Star

I have seen some of my friends found back their contacts on Twitter like “Just got the new iPhone 6. Lost all contacts. Text me your name!”  Yeah, this is a way to build contacts on your new phone rather than manual import one by one.  However, not everyone can see your tweet that you may miss some important numbers.

Likewise, share your photos in SNS with Android phone and download it with iPhone, save text messages on some synchronous tools like Evernote and read it on iPhone are some ways you can adopt through the Internet to use Android data on iPhone.  Although these ways are feasible, it is too trouble and not complete. Thus, you should consider the ways in the following.

2.  Switch Android Phone Data to iPhone 6, 6 Plus Using Apple Guideline

Recommend Level: 3 Stars

Before iOS 8 released, Apple launches a guide for Android users to move content from Android phone to iPhone. This guide details how to move photos, music, documents etc. from Android phone to iPhone with iTunes, iCloud and some uncertain third-party apps but not the tools provided by Apple.

Moreover, different kinds of file types’ migration are different. That’s mean you have to take a lot of work to deal with these files, and some of steps are a little complicate. If you are not afraid of the trouble and have time, you can try it. If not, the way below is good for you.

3. Transfer Android Phone Data to iPhone 6, 6 Plus with iPhone Data Transfer Tool

Recommend Level: 5 Stars

Tenorshare iPhone 5 Transfer tool is not just for iPhone 5 series data transfer, but available for all the iPhone models including iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 4S/4 and iPhone 3GS. This tool enables to add data from computer to iPhone directly, and all the data types like contacts, photos, music, text messages, app data and more can be transferred on the same interface. Here is how it works.

First, transfer Android Phone data to computer.
Connect Android phone with PC via USB cable. After the computer recognized the phone as a drive, you can open it and copy the files you want to transfer to computer.

Second, transfer old Android Phone data from PC to iPhone 6, 6 Plus.
Download, install and run iPhone 5 Transfer on your computer. Connect iPhone 6, 6 Plus with computer via data cable. Then, click on file type, and hit the “Add” button to import the Android files on computer. That’s all there is to it.
transfer android phone data to iphone 6 6 plus
For more help refer to this tutorial: How to Transfer Data from Android Phone to iPhone Without Data Loss