May 112016

iPhone 7 is expected to launch in early September this year, possibly accompanied by the iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 7 could come with LiFi technology, it has been claimed.

LiFi is an emergent technology that, like WiFi, transmits data to and from devices wirelessly. However, while WiFi uses radio waves to achieve this, LiFi uses the visible light spectrum and can achieve 224Gb/s bi-directional data transfer – far beyond what is possible with current wireless technology.

LiFi is far from being mainstream, but there were some significant breakthroughs in 2015. Nevertheless, it still has one major drawback: whereas radio waves can travel through solid objects like walls, furniture and people, light cannot, meaning LiFi can only be used indoors and requires a specialised lightbulb in every room.

It is possible, therefore, that Apple is simply preparing for an eventual future where LiFi is more commonplace, rather than anticipating a wireless revolution taking place in the next 18 months.

The iPhone 7 is likely to launch at a special event held on 13 or 14 September, and go on sale in the UK on 23 or 24 September.

iphone 7 lifi data transfer tech introduction

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iPhone 7 processor

In terms of hardware, it’s thought the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will use a new A10 system-on-a-chip (SOC), the anticipated successor to the A9 SOC that powers the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and SE.

iPhone 7 storage and RAM

In terms of storage, there are rumours of Apple upping the maximum available to 256GB and potentially culling the 16GB entry point.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are expected to have at least 2GB of RAM, as seen in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and, according to some rumours, this could be increased to 3GB.

iPhone 7 battery life

The iPhone 7 will almost certainly feature a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of at least 1715mAh. As for the iPhone 7 Plus, battery capacity of at least 2750mAh should be expected and, according to some reports, could be bumped up to 3100mAh.

iPhone 7 casing and headphone jack

Both the iPhone 6 and 6s ranges had a classic case of “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature” – the much-hated plastic strips on the back of the phones. It’s unlikely to be in production by the time the iPhone 7 hits the shelves.

Jan 122016

When I plug in my iPhone into my computer and try to sync my playlists on iTunes to my iPhone, the sync completes but the songs cannot transfer to iPhone. I even tried deleting the existing playlists from my iPhone and I couldn’t even do that. I have literally tried everything that I know. Any suggestions ?

Cannot move songs from iTunes to iPhone? Don’t worry, there are 3 ways can help you solve your problem.

Way 1: Use Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro

Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro can help you to restore lost or corrupted iTunes songs easily and at the same time you can sync all or partial music between Apple iOS device and PC/iTunes library without iTunes.
Follow the below steps, you will move songs from iTunes to iPhone:
Step1: Download and install the Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro software to your computer. Then, connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable.
Step2: After start the program, click on “Files Manager” from the main interface and select the “Music” button. Click “Add” on the menu to add music to your iPhone.
Step3: Click “Refresh”, at this time, all the changes will be synced with your iOS devices. During the sync progress, iPhone Care Pro will recover your missing or corrupted iTunes Media files.

cannot move songs from itunes to iphone

Way 2: Check the available space of your iPhone

Music often take up large space, and if you don’t have enough space for all the songs, you can’t move songs from iTunes to iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Usage > Storage. Under Storage you will see how much space you have left on your device.

Way 3: Check the location of your songs

Sometimes iTunes does not indicate which songs it cannot find until you select them. If iTunes can’t locate songs in your library, iTunes won’t transfer songs to your iPhone. Double check if the songs on your iTunes library have same folder location as before.

If you want to know more ways about how to fix iTunes won’t transfer music to iPhone, you can click this link! Hope can give you help !

Jun 192015

If you are crazy about WhatsApp chatting with your loves and friends, you must have many funny or meanningful messages between them. However, iPhone memory space is limited, because iOS occupy most of space to run, and apps, media files or other data also need to be store for various usage. WhatsApp message is also a “space monstor” as the app is used frequently. Besides, it is hard to clean those messages data because most of them have special meaning for us. What’s more, WhatsApp will automatically clean messages data when dealine come, user can’t get back those messages data from backup.

So, it is necessary to find ways to transfer iPhone WhatsApp messages to Mac computer for backup.

Way 1: Officially, E-mail messages and save in your computer

To save WhatsApp messages to computer, WhatsApp provides a E-mail method for user to mail their messages data to their own E-mail account as an attachment. However, such as video, voice messages are not avalible. Then, you can download the attachments and save in computer. The attachment is a .txt files, which is easy to be saved and copied.

Honestly, this E-mail way may be not so convenient, especailly when the messages data is large, attactment in E-mail have limitation of size.


transfer iphone whatsapp messages to mac

Way 2:Use data transfer tool for iPhone

Another way to transfer iPhone WhatsApp messages to Mac computer is using data transfer tool. Search on the web, so many choices can help you, most of them have the option that is designed for WhatsApp chatting data.

Transfering tool for iPhone:

iAny Transfer

Way 3: Use Free WhatsApp Recovery for Mac

Free WhatsApp Recovery for Mac is a freeware designed to restore/recover the chat (and all attachment) deleted from the app Whatsapp from iPhone/iPad/iPod. Recover WhatsApp individual and group conversations (text messages, photos, videos, audios) and save them on your PC in txt, xls or xml.

This program not only can export iPhone WhatsApp messages data to Mac computer, but also can help you recover lost, deleted WhatsApp messages from iPhone.

May 252015

Only iTunes can helpe you back up iPhone 6/6 Plus personal data to computer?

iTunes seems to be awesome and skillful to manage iOS device including iPhone 6/6 Plus on computer. This program that is developed by Apple ca help user to manage their iOS device, upgrade system, download media,etc. Mostly,we always use iTunes to back up phone data to computer. However, iTunes just make our backup data as a encrypted files. We can’t view specific personal data on computer, which is so inconvenient. So we need to another better way to transfer iPhone 6 personal data to computer.

Other better way to transfer iPhone 6/6 Plus data to computer

iPhone is different from other smart phone. With iOS that is “closed” type system, iPhone data can’t be read easily, especially when you don’t install iTunes on your computer. User is not able to manage their phone data easily on computer. Although iTunes can help user back up iOS device data to computer, the backup file can’t be read as normal file on computer because of privacy.

When you only need to transfer part of iPhone 6 data such as contacts, text messages, photos, videos,etc, iTunes can’t help us complete special data transfering from iPhone 6 to computer. Then you can use other better tools.



transfer iphone 6 personal data to computer


For example, iAny Transfer is a good choice to transfer iOS device including iPhone, iPad, iPod data to computer. iAny Transfer offers some nifty features that iTunes leaves out. Providing the ultimate transfer solution, this iOS manager software allows you to transfer music, videos, playlists, photos, contacts, SMS, apps and more between your iPhone/iPad/iPod, PC and iTunes, and it can even help to share data between iOS and Android. It also features one-click backup and restore functions to let you completely manage your iOS data. Fully compatible with iOS 8.3.

just in three steps. Let’s see how it works.

Step 1: Launch iAny Transfer on your computer, and connect your iPhone 6 to computer via a USB cable. Make sure you click on “Trust” button on the pop-up menu on your iPhone, so that iAny Transfer can read your device successfully.

Step 2: After your iPhone 6 is read successfully, all your photos, music, contacts, videos, apps, text messages files can be presented by clicking the left-side menu. Select data you want to add to computer and click on “Computer” on the right.

Step 3: Choose a save path to save the exported photos, music, videos, contacts, apps, text messages on your computer.


Fine, this way for iPhone 6 personal data transfering is good ? Tell me your opinions!

Aug 192014

Press your iPhone’s POWER button and get no response at all? Don’t panic, you’re not the only one who encountered such issue. And fortunately, you can fix your iPhone won’t boot yourself in most cases.

iphone won't turn on

First all of, let’s find out which cases would lead to iPhone won’t start up.

  • Software update
  • Screen replacement
  • Black & blue screen
  • Fully charged
  • After restore
  • Water damaged
  • Update iOS 7/8

When your iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S couldn’t open after you have done any of the operation above, please try the 6 tips in the following to fix iPhone won’t turn on at all.

1.    Hold HOME and POWER Button

Hold the HOME and POWER button simultaneously for about 10 to 15 seconds, and release these two buttons if an Apple logo appears, then your iPhone should turn on after 5 seconds. This solution is very simple and usually works for the unknown situation.

2.    Charge your iPhone

Some running apps consume the battery without us knowing and iPhone will switch off when the battery is too low. Put your iPhone in charge and wait for one or more minutes to turn on your phone.
Note: However, after being fully charged, your iPhone still won’t turn on? At this time, you should try a hard reset.

3.    Hard Reset

To hard reset your iPhone, please keep holding the “Sleep/Wake” button on the top right of your phone until you can see the red slider pops up onscreen. And it usually works when your iPhone won’t turn on after screen replacement.

4.    Dry Your Phone

If your iPhone was water damaged, then please don’t rush into turning on it to makes the situation worse. Dry it and you’d better to turn on it five days later.
Or, take it to Apple Store to exchange a new one.

If your iPhone is not totally won’t turn on but some issues came across when turn on, go on and try these two ways. (Be aware: both of these operations on your iPhone may erase your iPhone data, please transfer iPhone data to computer first.)

5.    Put iPhone into DFU Mode  

iPhone is able to start but not boot properly, please put your iPhone into DFU mode by following these:
-Put your iPhone into PC
-Hold HOME and POWER button at the same time until iPhone screen turns to black.
-Release POWER button but keep pressing HOME button for 10 seconds.

get iphone into duf mode

6.    Get iPhone into Recovery Mode

When the Apple logo pops up but remains onscreen without progress bar, you need to put iPhone into Recovery Mode. ReiBoot is allowed to get iPhone into/out recovery with only one click. Or you can follow these steps:
Step 1: Turn off you iPhone and just plug the USB cable into computer
Step 2: Hold the HOME button when you connect USB to iPhone.
Step 3: Release the HOME button when you see the iTunes logo.
get iphone into dfu mode
Step 4: Use iTunes to restore your iPhone.

These are all the tricks you can try to fix iPhone won’t start up problem. And you should make an appointment at the Genius Bar if your iPhone still won’t turn on.

Jun 302014

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