May 282017

“I have actually tried both apps on my MacBook and iMac (iPhoto 9.6.1 still works well with Mac OS). Based on what I have experienced, pictures and videos can be shared between the two, and I should say it’s a great improvement for Photos app with faster transferring speed and flatting operation interface. However, good as new Photos app is, problems also come along with it.”


It could be a common problem that transfer photos from iPhone to Mac with iPhoto/Photos app goes wrong. here we list some issues you might have already met:

  • 1. With iPhoto/Photos app open, the processor overheats and reboots the machine due to high CPU usage.
  • 2. Photos app by default creates duplicates of images that are manually added through the Finder or Import function.
  • 3. Pictures stored in iPhoto/Photos app can’t be easily accessed from another program, such as Photoshop.
  • 4. Both two photo apps will compress image size on exporting.
  • 5. The iCloud service can’t do the job properly when syncing locally stored photo library.
  • 6. Photos app doesn’t recognize my iPhone when plugged into another Mac OS device.
  • 7. Test shows that the Photos library is about 50% bigger in memory size than the iPhoto library.

Try to Upload Photos from iPhone to Mac without iPhoto/Photos with iCareFone

In order to achieve this goal, we then need to choose an iPhoto/Photos alternative. Here we choose a third party app, Tenorshare iCareFone, which can help manage your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and performs well on any version of Mac.

This software not only can help to transfer photos, but also transfer other types of files which including videos, music, contacts, apps, bookmarks, note, calendar and iBooks.

You can learn how to use from the following steps:

  1. Launch iCareFone and connect your iOS devices with it via USB cable;
  2. Click “File Manager” on the main interface, you can well see 9 categories which has “Photos” in it;

file manager

3. Choose “Photos” then all the pictures on your iOS device will be displayed;

4. Select your target photos and click “Export” to save these photo files on your Mac.

Apr 282017

Do you love reading book by using iBooks? It is such a useful reading tool which allows you to open and read kinds of files like PDF, Word, EPUB, etc. And you can also regard it as a kindle that you are able to buy books that you like in the store. Still, do you like to read by your functional iPhone or a  larger screen iPad? If you find it hard to make decision, we will then going to tell you the top 3 ways to transfer iBooks from iDevice to iDevice, and you can enjoy read on whichever iOS device you like.

ibooks from idevice to idevice

1. Sync iBooks via iCloud

It is well known that iCloud will intelligently save the book which you have bought in the store, what you need to do is log in the same Apple Account in iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Then set the setting as follow:

For iOS 10.3,

Settings >> “Your User Name” >> iCloud >> iCloud Drive >> iBooks

For other iOS users,

Settings >> iCloud >>iCloud Drive >> iBooks

After turn on the iBooks setting, when you open iBooks app and connected to the net, those books you bought will automatically be in you shelf.

2. Send PDF iBooks as Attachment by Email

For books you have import to iBooks, you might find them unavailable to transfer via AirDrop, but Email can be a good choice.

First open the target PDF iBooks and tap share icon share icon which exist on the top left corner, then choose Email.

Import your Email information and send it. Receive the Email on another iOS device with PDF attachment and open through iBooks.

3. Export & Import iBooks through Tenorshare iCareFone

Use third party software can also be a good way to transfer files. Tenorshare-iCareFone, as a powerful iOS device manager can help you transfer lots of  different files which including iBooks. What makes it unique is because that, during the transferring process, iCareFone will help you remove the DRM lock of iBooks. And you are even able to read those DRM protected iBooks in your computer.

Launch the program, click “File Manager” >> “iBooks”, and you can preview the books in your iOS device.

icarefone manager ibooks

Export the selected book to your computer and connect another iOS device to iCareFone, then import the book into it.

Mar 242017

For iOS users, they will get  5 GB of free storage space after set up iCloud. But it tend to be easily  reach the limitation. Should you buy extra storage?  Maybe you should try to optimize the usage of iCloud. Read this article and get some tips to fix not enough iCloud storage on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

icloud storage is full

Check iCloud Storage

Before free up, check iCloud Storage can be important. You can follow the route to check this information:

Setting >> iCloud

You can take an overview of  iCloud status and the available storage of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

To Fix iCloud Storage Full

Method 1: Delete Photos and Video from iCloud

Photos and videos can take a large part of your iCloud storage. Regularly clear up them can be helpful. Before to do so, don’t forget to back them up first.

delete photo video


Method 2: Clearing Space from Backup

If you have the habit to back your apps, you can choose to turn off the back button of  apps.

Go to Setting >> iCloud >> Storage & Backup >> Manage Storage.

Pick up the Apps that you don’t want to backup and tap turn off and delete.

Method 3: Uninstall and Reinstall Storage Hungry Apps

Some apps in your iOS device will store lots of useless files, regularly uninstall and reinstall can help to clean those junk files and temp files, which can be caches, cookies, log files and other types files that you don’t need.

Go to Setting >> General >> Storage & iCloud Usage >> Manage Storage

Take an overview of your apps and tap those unwanted ones and delete.

Method 4: Backup with iCareFone to Get More Storage Space

If you run out of iCloud storage, you iOS device cannot backup to iCloud any more. Here we will share you another way to make a backup without using iCloud. The Backup & Restore feature of Tenorshare iCareFone  is designed to help you to back up device and restore from backup in case of data loss. Moreover, it allows you selectively backing up data from device so that you will save much valuable time.

Easily download and install iCareFone, launch this software, connect your iPhone and click “Backup & Restore”, select the type of data you want to recover.

icarefone backup and restore

That is the easy steps to guide you backup files with iCareFone so as to save more storage space. If your iPhone is running out of storage, try this backup and restore program for iPhone.

Feb 232017

When getting a new computer, most of the users tend to add all their important and favorite things into it at the first time. But the transfer process may not be that easy for everyone, what if I want to transfer iTunes library from my old computer to the new one? In this article, we provide three methods for you, there must be one which you will like.

transfer itunes files from computer to computer

Method 1: Transfer iTunes Library to New Computer via External Devices

It is such an easy way for you, that you can just e.g. connect your USB driver with your old computer, and you get to the iTunes folder which can be found at C:\Users\computer name\Music\iTunes (for Windows), if you fail to find this folder, click iTunes icons on the desktop, and check it path.

Then copy or import your iTunes folder to the USB driver, and you can use this USB to transfer files to your new computer, is that really easy?

Method 2: Using Home Sharing to Transfer iTunes Library from PC to Mac

Have you ever heard of Home Sharing function of iTunes? This method is base on a same network of diiferent computers. Open iTunes on your old computer, File>>Home Sharing and then turn this function on. In this process you are required to enter your Apple ID and password, as well as you need to authorize your new computer. After those steps, you can share all your iTunes files to another new Mac from your old PC.

Method 3: Use iPhone to Transfer Music to New Computer

When having new things users may also sync them to their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Thus we can use Tenorshare-iCareFone to achieve this function. After we snyc the iTunes files (Music) to iOS devices, we can then regard it as a external device. And iCareFone can help us to transfer its music files to our new computer as well as other types like contacts and photos.


Choose one of these three method, or you can have a try by using all these three. Enjoy and learn from this article, and transfer can become so easy for us.

Dec 282016

“I just dropped my iPhone 7 and the screen truned blank. I plugged in the charger and it did turn on. This is the new model I just bought, I love it and I don’t want to spend too much money on its fix. Can anybody help?”

The money you need to spend on its fix is depend on the how serious the problem is. We will list some of the possible situations and provides the solution, hope they can help you fix iPhone 7 black screen after dropped it.

iPhone 7 Screen Turned Black

Situation 1. Software problem causing the black screen on iPhone 7

You iPhone 7 may stuck in black screen because of some system errors after dropped it. In this situation, you can easily fix the problem without having to spend any money, all you need is a free reboot tool named Reiboot. The software can reboot your iPhone 7 with ease, so if your iPhone 7 screen went black, you can try this solution first to check out the software problem. If you there is some big problem on the software, such as iOS crashes, severe damage and other stuck issues, you can also try this tool to repair the iOS operating system.

Situation 2. Screen problem causing the black screen on iPhone 7

After your iPhone 7 went black screen, you must have tried to restart your phone, if the iPhone 7 still receiving texts and calls and the phone vibrates but the screen stay black, it means the screen of your iPhone 7 is broken. In this situation, you have no choice to change the screen, and unfortunately, the price may more than $100.

Situation 3. Other hardware problems causing the black screen on iPhone 7

If your iPhone 7 shows no activity however much you try, it may be due to an internal problem, such as the link cable is broken. In this situation, if it is under 1 year old you can try to get AT&T or Apple to replace it, just say it turned off out of nowhere. If out of warranty, then you need to find a repair shop to fix your problem.

To prevent your iPhone 7 screen turns black after dropped it, we recommend you to use a case, which can protect your iPhone in a certain extent.

Sep 202016

In 2007, as the first iPhone came to our eyes, the Android phone appeared in the next year, and from then on, the smart phone market enter a new era. Even though Jobs had ever criticized that Android plagiarized iOS, however, as the development of these two systems, they learned from each other always. That is to say, if a customer would like to buy a new phone, he/she only has two choices, iPhone or Android phone.


Apple iOS and Android are the two most popular operating systems for smart phones and tablets. These two intelligent mobile systems have occurred 97% share in the phone market so far. Therefore, some users usually compare them and want to know which one is better. From the data survey shows, iOS is better than Android system. Take the iOS 10 and Android 7 Nougat for example, here we will look at the reasons about iOS 10 is better than Android 7. Just keep reading it.

If you are decide on buying an iOS or Android phone and have no idea about which platform is better, then you need to know more information about these two systems and then decide which to use. We have spent plenty of time with both and here we are going to tell you why iOS is better than Android.


Top 1: App Store: iOS 10 is better than Android 7

That is no denying that App Store is one of the big innovations of iOS system because in the past, nearly all the smart phones had to connect to PC to transfer and install application. Apple is the first company to integrate them to mobile phone, and of course, this is quite convenient. And then, Android promotes the Play Store to provide the similar experience.

Relatively speaking, the numbers of Play Store Apps are more abundant, more than 1.6 million, and App Store is 1.5 million. However, from the totally quality and public praise, iOS is better. Because of iOS apps are more profitable, many software manufacturers prefer to promote new contents.


Top 2: Hardware Configuration: iOS 10 is better than Android 7

Among the smart phone hardware equipments, processor has arrived the bottleneck, there are no more distinctions between those mobile products, and then GPU has become the main factor to highlight the differences. Some bigger software, like 3D games, requires with high GPU performance. Apple iPhone A6 processor integrates Power VR SGX, which is better than Android.

What’s more, the special effect processing of iOS is based on GPU hardware acceleration, which is not able to totally make use of CPU or apps, but to render by GPU and then to reach more fluent manipulate manifestation. However, Android is not the same. Android needs to apply different mobile phone hardware, to satisfy different configuration, therefore, many graphical effects depend on the application itself, to accelerate or render, and to reply CPU operation. In that case, it will increase the load of acceleration.


Top 3:Stabilization: iOS 10 is better than Android 7

Even though there are so many problems we don’t want to admit, the objective fact is that, after a long time use, Android system may turn up instability phenomenon more or less, such as system crash. If the Android phone is able to change the charge, then it will be recovered. However, if the charge can’t be disassembled, we have to wait for the reboot to recover. Compared iOS 10 with Android 7, the former is better than the latter.

Well, that’s all about why iOS 10 is better than Android. Hope them are helpful. Last but not least, if you want to transfer data from iOS device to PC, to fix iOS stuck, to speed up iPhone, to backup and restore iPhone, to optimize iPhone, to remove ads, or to repair system, you can use the Tenorshare iCareFone to fix it.

Aug 242016

“I’m stuck because I cannot transfer all my music to iPhone 7. It seems that everything I bought cannot be synchronized. I tried to synchronize, remove, restore, but nothing works. And besides, my iPhone 7 appears on the following message when I connect it to the computer: “Reliance” or “Do not rely” on this computer etc… Please enlighten my worry, if you know a bit more than me. Thank you in advance.”

First, check if your music from your iTunes library are well within the designated file. Sometimes, iTunes does not display the songs unless you select them. The songs that iTunes cannot locate in the library cannot transfer for iPhone 7.

If it is not the problem above, you can put your iPhone 7 in DFU mode to solve iTunes won’t transfer songs to iPhone 7: press on the Home and Power button together for 10 sec > release the Power button and remaining press the Home button for another 10 seconds. After your iPhone 7 enter into DFU mode, you can try to transfer music from iTunes to iPhone 7 again.


Or just download the latest iTunes or try reinstalling iTunes on your computer. The problem you can’t transfer musice to iPhone 7 maybe caused by iTunes software, the version is too old or it is broken. You can reinstall iTunes to fix the problem. Or maybe just restart the iTunes.

There is also a very good method to fix iTunes won’t transfer songs to iPhone 7, as a perfect alternative to iTunes, Tenorshare iCareFone (formerly named iPhone Care Pro) is intended to give you the best experience to manage your iPhone music. It allows you to add songs on iPhone 7 without iTunes, and existing data will not be erased.

With Tenorshare iCareFone on your computer, connect iPhone 7 to your PC with USB cable, after the software recognize your iPhone, choose “Files Manager” and select “Music” on the following interface, simply click “Add” to add music to your iPhone 7.

These are the possible solutions to the problem that iTunes does not allow me to add music on the iPhone 7. Do not forget to download iCareFone for a free trial, the software also can help you clean up your iPhone, and repair iOS system without any data loss.

Jul 072016

This article will show you 3 simple ways to transfer notes from iPhone to mac. Here are the specific introductions on the 3 ways.

Way 1: Export Notes from iPhone to Mac with iTunes

iTunes can backup all you iPhone data including the notes and keep a SQlitedb file. The SQLITE database file is a kind of encrypted data, which you can’t access and read the messages.
Here is how to Export Notes from iPhone to Mac with iTunes:
1. Sync your iPhone device with iTunes. You need to have the latest version of iTunes on your Mac.
2. Right click the iOS devices in iTunes under Devices and choose Back Up.

However, this method transfer notes from iPhone to Mac as unreadable iTunes backup file. If you want to read your iTunes backup notes, you need to use iPhone Data Recovery for Mac.

how to export notes from iphone to mac with itunes

Way 2: Use iPhone Data Recovery for Mac to export notes from iPhone to Mac

iPhone Data Recovery for Mac is the world’s 1st iPhone data recovery for iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s/5c/54s/4, you can recover deleted iPhone data directly from device, from iTunes backup file or from iCloud backup. Of course, you also can use the tool to export/print/backup data from iPhone to Mac.
How to Use iPhone Data Recovery for Mac to export notes from iPhone to Mac?
1. Connect your iPhone to Mac and run iPhone Data Recovery for Mac on your computer.
2. Select “Recover Data from iOS Devices” on the main menu and click “Start Scan” to start scanning the notes on your iPhone.
3. Preview and select the notes which you want to transfer to your Mac. Click on “Recover” and all the selected notes will be copied to your mac..
You can also transfer iMessages, text messages, WhatsApp messages, contacts, call history, videos and more from iPhone to Mac.

Note: If you want to transfer iPhone notes to computer, chick here.

transfer notes from iPhone to mac

Way 3: Transfer Notes By Syncing Notes from iPhone to Mac

It’s a service provided by Apple. The steps are here:

1. Launch the Notes app on your computer.
2. Select “Notes” from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen and select “Accounts”.
3. In the accounts section you will be able to select which email accounts you want to share with your Notes app.
4. Log into your iCloud account using your Apple ID (not your @iCloud account), and allow the computer to sync notes from your iPhone.
Once you are logged in, you will be able to sync notes with your computer running Mac OS X.

Jun 232016

For the new version of iOS 10, Apple relies heavily on the opening of its operating system to other applications. Summary of WWDC announcements in 10 key points.


1. Interactions on the lock screen

Now, the home screen will light up as soon as the phone opened. On the iPhone 6s, eg, you can do a detailed overview of notifications using 3D Touch. The control center – available when slides your finger from the bottom of the screen – is also enriched.

2. Opens Siri to the world

With 2 billion requests per week, Siri has clearly become a popular use of iOS. The personal assistant may now be used by third party applications. For example, asking him to send a message on WhatsApp, WeChat or Slack, but also order him to contact an Uber driver.

3. The more intelligent text recognition

The QuickType functionality already offers different words according to the message being replied to. With deep learning – integrated on the device, not operated on Apple’s servers – the system will offer different answers.

4. Photos showcases memories

With tons of pictures contained on the iPhone, Apple has understood the need to integrate the possibilities to better find them. With the new tab Memories, Photos automatically gathered by locations, dates, themes (beach or mountain holiday) through a system called Advanced Computer Vision.

5. Maps is enriched with third party services

In addition to a new design, the Maps application with predictive. Dragging a finger from the bottom of the screen gives access to restaurant suggestions, which can be filtered for example by specialty. The new navigation interface also proposes the integration of traffic, without handles provided trips based on caps.

6. Apple finally reorganizes Music

Now with 15 million subscribers, Apple Music gets a long-awaited beauty. The new organization of the sections allows such easy access to songs stored locally on the iPhone. The lyrics are now available on all songs. We also note the disappearance of the section Connect, now integrated into a new section, “For you.” As for radio, there is access to the programming to come and listen to old shows.

7. News manages subscriptions

Still not available in France, news yet integrates more than 2,000 newspaper titles and has 60 million users. In addition to a new design, it now includes subscriptions to view the content of its magazines directly within the application.

8. Home: an application to manage his house

The new Home application can now manage all connected household objects compatible with HomeKit. The interface allows access to all of them, but mostly offers scene mode that coordinates them. By indicating that one goes to bed, Home is in charge of turning off lights, turning down the heat and close the shutters. If we say hello to Siri in the morning, it does all reopen. Finally the Apple Watch that is worn on his wrist may indicate that one leaves home, Home then charges the close. The application will also be available on Apple TV.

9. The Phone application prevents spam

To prevent spam calls, the application can now analyze the numbers to inform the recipient. Visual voicemail is also enriched by the written transcript of the message for future reference without having to listen. Finally, it also opens up to third party applications to be able to call for more transparency from Messenger or WhatsApp.

10. Messages becomes fun, very fun

Last but not least, messages, the most used application on the iPhone is expanding. One can have a glimpse of sent links easily replace words with emoji or give effect to the bubbles that contain the text. Once again, Apple opens for developers to be able to go digging in their applications stickers or other entertainment.

If you lose iPhone data after upgrade to iOS, you can use an iPhone Data Recovery to help you recover iPhone lost data with ease.