Apr 282018

A laptop without a hard drive is more like a DVD player with no disc to play: almost absolutely useless. Now the absence of a hard drive doesn’t necessarily mean there is no hard drive in the system, it could also mean that the laptop is having issues detecting the hard drive. This seems like a problem easily fixed at first but ask anyone who has ever had this issues before and you’d have a quick change of mind. This issue is nothing to scoff at.

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1. Problem with the hard drive

One very possible reason you could be having this problem is having a spoilt or counterfeit hard drive. If this is the problem, the solution is rather straight forward: go and get yourself a new one. If you just bought a new one however and you have this problem I.e your hard drive was working perfectly before you changed it for whatever reason, then you need to take it back to where you bought the hard drive and make a complaint to find out if the problem is from the purchased hard drive. To prevent so a situation, it is advised that you purchase all your accessories from trusted stores.

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However the hard drive doesn’t only need to be spoilt or a counterfeit before your computer doesn’t read it. You could have a perfectly good and original hard drive and still have this problem if the hard drive with you isn’t compatible with your computer. To prevent this, always take your laptop to the store when you want to get such accessories.

2. Problem with the computer.

There are other times however when the problem has nothing to do with the hard drive. Some times you have the exact type of hard drive recommended for your laptop, and it is original. Sometimes it might even have been tested on a system of he same model, yet your system doesn’t recognize it. In fact, it could even be that your system was alright some hours ago, but then you turn it on after a while and your system brings up an error message telling you your drive can not be detected. You then test your drive on another laptop and find out it is working fine. If this is the case, then the problem is with your computer.

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In most cases, fixing this problem is a simple matter of changing your settings. Most times the problem starts up in the first place due to a change somehow occurring in the system settings. Fixing it in this case is also a simple manner of changing said system settings to the original one. Depending on your laptop’s model, the right setting would vary. So to fix this, you would need to get your user’s manual. If you do not have it hand hand, there is little problem. You can download the online manual online or search for the right setting for your laptop model and input it.

There are time however when this problem would need expert attention. When you observe this is the case, you are advised to take the laptop to one immediately. The earlier the better, and this could save you a lot of time, money and headache.

Apr 052018

The feature that excited many people following the announcement of the release of the new iPhone X was Apple’s new Animojis. These Animojis –that are a new fun way of communication are made possible with the front facing TrueDepth camera system and gives the effect that the Animoji is using your voice to talk. But the only way you can make use of these Animojis is while using iMessage. Once you have sent an Animoji to somebody using iMessage, you can save it and send it to other people on apps such as WhatsApp and Skype as well. Animoji is a very new, exciting and distinct feature of iPhone X. While it is thought that this is a feature only iPhone users can enjoy, there is a very easy way you can save the Animoji video and share it with your non-iPhone user friends on WhatsApp. This article will tell  you just how to send animated emoji on WhatsApp.


Step 1. Start off with saving it in your camera roll:

You start off by sending your friend or anyone you like to send this Animoji in iMessage.

  1. Record the Animoji which can be up to ten seconds long, and then send it.
  2. Once the iMessage has been sent, you can tap on the Animoji you just created.
  3. Save it to the camera roll on your iPhone by clicking on the Save Video option.

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Step 2. Animoji saved? Now share animoji to WhatsApp:

Once the Animoji is saved in your photos, this iMessage video can be easily shared and transferred to WhatsApp. This can be done by tapping on the video of the Animoji you have saved and pressing the share button in the bottom left corner. There you can select the apps you want to share the video and then click send.


The great thing about Animojis is that if they are sent to another iMessage user, it would appear to them the same way it would appear to someone who has an iPhone 8 or even the earlier models. On any other device, they show up as a small video message. This way you can also have a fun conversation with friends who don’t use an iPhone.

Animojis have started to revolutionize the way people communicate with each other. So whether you want to drag this animated emojis in your conversation to create an animoji ticker or just send it as a video, don’t forget to switch between the animoji characters and most importantly to enjoy this latest new feature introduced by Apple.

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Share this article with friends so that your conversations may stay interesting forever!

Feb 282018

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Want a video editor to cut out parts of the video or merge video files together? You can easily make it by using a fee video editing program. Since there are various video editors in the website, in this blog, I’m going to list top 3 free video editors for Windows in 2018. You can use the applications on your PC to convert your video files to different file formats like MP4, MKV, MOV, etc.


1. The Best Free Video Editor – Free CutoMe

Free CutoMe is a free small tool that allows you to cut any video clip as you want. And you are also able to trim large bunch of movies, videos and camera recordings into small piece files. More importantly, this procedure won’t cause any damage to vide quality. It supports all formats that includes MP4, AVI(XviD), ASF, WMV, MPG, MPEG1, MPEG2, MOV (QuickTime), MKV, M4V(without DRM), VOB, etc.


Now, just download and install this amzing tool – Adoreshare CutoMe on your Windows. The program will be opened automatically after installation. Click “Open File” button or just drag video file to the program. After loading the video completely, you can preview it within the program. You can use the two cut buttons to drag and drop to cut the video. Set the output mode to the format you want to edit and click “CUTTER” button, your video will be trimmed to the format you set automatically.

2. Your Second Choice – Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is another free video edior. This program contains many features like adding subtitles, clipping out sections, removing or adding audio and merging videos. It is a little bit complicate to use this program to handle videos. You can choose it if you want to do other things besides cutting or joining videos.

Freemake Video Converter - Main window


3. Last Good Video Editor – Shortcut

Shotcut is a professional video editor. But you need to be patient to use this application. Because you need to select many options like editing mode, tool and others to edit a video. If you have adequate free time on editing videos, you can choose this program to edit many details of the video.

Screenshot of the new Mask filter

This video has shown you the best 3 free video editing software for Windows in 2018. The first one is the easiest tool especially for beginners and the last one is for professional. Hope it can bring convenience to your life.

Jan 252018

Got a new iPhone X/8/7 and wondering how to transfer contacts from old iPhone to the new device? The common ways are iCloud sync and iTunes restore. However, not all the contacts will be synced to the new iPhone. You may lose some important contacts during iCloud syncing. Also, restoring from iTunes backup will erase all the existing data on your new iPhone. In this blog, we’ll show you two quick and easy ways to copy iPhone contacts from old iPhone SE/6 Plus/5s/4 to the new iPhone X/8/7 without iTunes or iCloud.

Way 1: Selectively Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone/iPad

Want to find a simple and direct way to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone? You can use the best app – iTransGo which is able to transfer all the content on your iPhone or selectively to transfer contacts only to another device. And this program can also transfer music, iBook, app data or other files from any device to another without the help of iTunes and iCloud. Download and install this amazing program to see how it works.

Step 1. Open iTransGo on your PC/Mac, connect your two iPhones or iPhone and iPad to computer via USB cable. iTransGo will detect your devices automatically. Click “Next”.

Step 2. Select contacts only contents or other data types you want to move contacts from iPhone to another and click “Start Transfer”.

Step 3. Wait a few minutes. The contacts on your old iPhone will be transferred to your new iPhone successfully.

Way 2: Copy Contacts from iPhone to iPhone via Google Gmail

Using Gmail is another convenient method to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud. And here are the steps.

Step 1: Import contacts from old iPhone to Gmail account: Go to “Settings” on your iPhone, select “Mail, Contacts, Calendar” option and click on “Import Sim Contacts”. Select your Gmail account to get your iPhone contacts imported to the Gmail account.

click on “Import Sim Contacts”

Step 2: Copy contacts from Gmail account to new iPhone: Go “Settings” >> “Contacts” >> “Account” >> “Add Accounts” >> “Google”, enter your Gmail account E-mail address and the password >> “Next” >> Turn on “Contacts” >> “Save”. After that, your contacts in the Gmail account will be exported to the new device.

Click on “Contact” to turn it ON

This blog has shown you 2 effective ways to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another iPhone/iPad without iTunes/iCloud. Hope it is helpful for you. Any further concerns, just feel free to do comments below.

May 282017

“I have actually tried both apps on my MacBook and iMac (iPhoto 9.6.1 still works well with Mac OS). Based on what I have experienced, pictures and videos can be shared between the two, and I should say it’s a great improvement for Photos app with faster transferring speed and flatting operation interface. However, good as new Photos app is, problems also come along with it.”


It could be a common problem that transfer photos from iPhone to Mac with iPhoto/Photos app goes wrong. here we list some issues you might have already met:

  • 1. With iPhoto/Photos app open, the processor overheats and reboots the machine due to high CPU usage.
  • 2. Photos app by default creates duplicates of images that are manually added through the Finder or Import function.
  • 3. Pictures stored in iPhoto/Photos app can’t be easily accessed from another program, such as Photoshop.
  • 4. Both two photo apps will compress image size on exporting.
  • 5. The iCloud service can’t do the job properly when syncing locally stored photo library.
  • 6. Photos app doesn’t recognize my iPhone when plugged into another Mac OS device.
  • 7. Test shows that the Photos library is about 50% bigger in memory size than the iPhoto library.

Try to Upload Photos from iPhone to Mac without iPhoto/Photos with iCareFone

In order to achieve this goal, we then need to choose an iPhoto/Photos alternative. Here we choose a third party app, Tenorshare iCareFone, which can help manage your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and performs well on any version of Mac.

This software not only can help to transfer photos, but also transfer other types of files which including videos, music, contacts, apps, bookmarks, note, calendar and iBooks.

You can learn how to use from the following steps:

  1. Launch iCareFone and connect your iOS devices with it via USB cable;
  2. Click “File Manager” on the main interface, you can well see 9 categories which has “Photos” in it;

file manager

3. Choose “Photos” then all the pictures on your iOS device will be displayed;

4. Select your target photos and click “Export” to save these photo files on your Mac.

Apr 282017

Do you love reading book by using iBooks? It is such a useful reading tool which allows you to open and read kinds of files like PDF, Word, EPUB, etc. And you can also regard it as a kindle that you are able to buy books that you like in the store. Still, do you like to read by your functional iPhone or a  larger screen iPad? If you find it hard to make decision, we will then going to tell you the top 3 ways to transfer iBooks from iDevice to iDevice, and you can enjoy read on whichever iOS device you like.

ibooks from idevice to idevice

1. Sync iBooks via iCloud

It is well known that iCloud will intelligently save the book which you have bought in the store, what you need to do is log in the same Apple Account in iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Then set the setting as follow:

For iOS 10.3,

Settings >> “Your User Name” >> iCloud >> iCloud Drive >> iBooks

For other iOS users,

Settings >> iCloud >>iCloud Drive >> iBooks

After turn on the iBooks setting, when you open iBooks app and connected to the net, those books you bought will automatically be in you shelf.

2. Send PDF iBooks as Attachment by Email

For books you have import to iBooks, you might find them unavailable to transfer via AirDrop, but Email can be a good choice.

First open the target PDF iBooks and tap share icon share icon which exist on the top left corner, then choose Email.

Import your Email information and send it. Receive the Email on another iOS device with PDF attachment and open through iBooks.

3. Export & Import iBooks through Tenorshare iCareFone

Use third party software can also be a good way to transfer files. Tenorshare-iCareFone, as a powerful iOS device manager can help you transfer lots of  different files which including iBooks. What makes it unique is because that, during the transferring process, iCareFone will help you remove the DRM lock of iBooks. And you are even able to read those DRM protected iBooks in your computer.

Launch the program, click “File Manager” >> “iBooks”, and you can preview the books in your iOS device.

icarefone manager ibooks

Export the selected book to your computer and connect another iOS device to iCareFone, then import the book into it.

Mar 242017

For iOS users, they will get  5 GB of free storage space after set up iCloud. But it tend to be easily  reach the limitation. Should you buy extra storage?  Maybe you should try to optimize the usage of iCloud. Read this article and get some tips to fix not enough iCloud storage on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

icloud storage is full

Check iCloud Storage

Before free up, check iCloud Storage can be important. You can follow the route to check this information:

Setting >> iCloud

You can take an overview of  iCloud status and the available storage of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

To Fix iCloud Storage Full

Method 1: Delete Photos and Video from iCloud

Photos and videos can take a large part of your iCloud storage. Regularly clear up them can be helpful. Before to do so, don’t forget to back them up first.

delete photo video


Method 2: Clearing Space from Backup

If you have the habit to back your apps, you can choose to turn off the back button of  apps.

Go to Setting >> iCloud >> Storage & Backup >> Manage Storage.

Pick up the Apps that you don’t want to backup and tap turn off and delete.

Method 3: Uninstall and Reinstall Storage Hungry Apps

Some apps in your iOS device will store lots of useless files, regularly uninstall and reinstall can help to clean those junk files and temp files, which can be caches, cookies, log files and other types files that you don’t need.

Go to Setting >> General >> Storage & iCloud Usage >> Manage Storage

Take an overview of your apps and tap those unwanted ones and delete.

Method 4: Backup with iCareFone to Get More Storage Space

If you run out of iCloud storage, you iOS device cannot backup to iCloud any more. Here we will share you another way to make a backup without using iCloud. The Backup & Restore feature of Tenorshare iCareFone  is designed to help you to back up device and restore from backup in case of data loss. Moreover, it allows you selectively backing up data from device so that you will save much valuable time.

Easily download and install iCareFone, launch this software, connect your iPhone and click “Backup & Restore”, select the type of data you want to recover.

icarefone backup and restore

That is the easy steps to guide you backup files with iCareFone so as to save more storage space. If your iPhone is running out of storage, try this backup and restore program for iPhone.

Feb 232017

When getting a new computer, most of the users tend to add all their important and favorite things into it at the first time. But the transfer process may not be that easy for everyone, what if I want to transfer iTunes library from my old computer to the new one? In this article, we provide three methods for you, there must be one which you will like.

transfer itunes files from computer to computer

Method 1: Transfer iTunes Library to New Computer via External Devices

It is such an easy way for you, that you can just e.g. connect your USB driver with your old computer, and you get to the iTunes folder which can be found at C:\Users\computer name\Music\iTunes (for Windows), if you fail to find this folder, click iTunes icons on the desktop, and check it path.

Then copy or import your iTunes folder to the USB driver, and you can use this USB to transfer files to your new computer, is that really easy?

Method 2: Using Home Sharing to Transfer iTunes Library from PC to Mac

Have you ever heard of Home Sharing function of iTunes? This method is base on a same network of diiferent computers. Open iTunes on your old computer, File>>Home Sharing and then turn this function on. In this process you are required to enter your Apple ID and password, as well as you need to authorize your new computer. After those steps, you can share all your iTunes files to another new Mac from your old PC.

Method 3: Use iPhone to Transfer Music to New Computer

When having new things users may also sync them to their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Thus we can use Tenorshare-iCareFone to achieve this function. After we snyc the iTunes files (Music) to iOS devices, we can then regard it as a external device. And iCareFone can help us to transfer its music files to our new computer as well as other types like contacts and photos.


Choose one of these three method, or you can have a try by using all these three. Enjoy and learn from this article, and transfer can become so easy for us.

Dec 282016

“I just dropped my iPhone 7 and the screen truned blank. I plugged in the charger and it did turn on. This is the new model I just bought, I love it and I don’t want to spend too much money on its fix. Can anybody help?”

The money you need to spend on its fix is depend on the how serious the problem is. We will list some of the possible situations and provides the solution, hope they can help you fix iPhone 7 black screen after dropped it.

iPhone 7 Screen Turned Black

Situation 1. Software problem causing the black screen on iPhone 7

You iPhone 7 may stuck in black screen because of some system errors after dropped it. In this situation, you can easily fix the problem without having to spend any money, all you need is a free reboot tool named Reiboot. The software can reboot your iPhone 7 with ease, so if your iPhone 7 screen went black, you can try this solution first to check out the software problem. If you there is some big problem on the software, such as iOS crashes, severe damage and other stuck issues, you can also try this tool to repair the iOS operating system.

Situation 2. Screen problem causing the black screen on iPhone 7

After your iPhone 7 went black screen, you must have tried to restart your phone, if the iPhone 7 still receiving texts and calls and the phone vibrates but the screen stay black, it means the screen of your iPhone 7 is broken. In this situation, you have no choice to change the screen, and unfortunately, the price may more than $100.

Situation 3. Other hardware problems causing the black screen on iPhone 7

If your iPhone 7 shows no activity however much you try, it may be due to an internal problem, such as the link cable is broken. In this situation, if it is under 1 year old you can try to get AT&T or Apple to replace it, just say it turned off out of nowhere. If out of warranty, then you need to find a repair shop to fix your problem.

To prevent your iPhone 7 screen turns black after dropped it, we recommend you to use a case, which can protect your iPhone in a certain extent.