Apr 282017

Do you love reading book by using iBooks? It is such a useful reading tool which allows you to open and read kinds of files like PDF, Word, EPUB, etc. And you can also regard it as a kindle that you are able to buy books that you like in the store. Still, do you like to read by your functional iPhone or a  larger screen iPad? If you find it hard to make decision, we will then going to tell you the top 3 ways to transfer iBooks from iDevice to iDevice, and you can enjoy read on whichever iOS device you like.

ibooks from idevice to idevice

1. Sync iBooks via iCloud

It is well known that iCloud will intelligently save the book which you have bought in the store, what you need to do is log in the same Apple Account in iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Then set the setting as follow:

For iOS 10.3,

Settings >> “Your User Name” >> iCloud >> iCloud Drive >> iBooks

For other iOS users,

Settings >> iCloud >>iCloud Drive >> iBooks

After turn on the iBooks setting, when you open iBooks app and connected to the net, those books you bought will automatically be in you shelf.

2. Send PDF iBooks as Attachment by Email

For books you have import to iBooks, you might find them unavailable to transfer via AirDrop, but Email can be a good choice.

First open the target PDF iBooks and tap share icon share icon which exist on the top left corner, then choose Email.

Import your Email information and send it. Receive the Email on another iOS device with PDF attachment and open through iBooks.

3. Export & Import iBooks through Tenorshare iCareFone

Use third party software can also be a good way to transfer files. Tenorshare-iCareFone, as a powerful iOS device manager can help you transfer lots of  different files which including iBooks. What makes it unique is because that, during the transferring process, iCareFone will help you remove the DRM lock of iBooks. And you are even able to read those DRM protected iBooks in your computer.

Launch the program, click “File Manager” >> “iBooks”, and you can preview the books in your iOS device.

icarefone manager ibooks

Export the selected book to your computer and connect another iOS device to iCareFone, then import the book into it.