Dec 282016

“I just dropped my iPhone 7 and the screen truned blank. I plugged in the charger and it did turn on. This is the new model I just bought, I love it and I don’t want to spend too much money on its fix. Can anybody help?”

The money you need to spend on its fix is depend on the how serious the problem is. We will list some of the possible situations and provides the solution, hope they can help you fix iPhone 7 black screen after dropped it.

iPhone 7 Screen Turned Black

Situation 1. Software problem causing the black screen on iPhone 7

You iPhone 7 may stuck in black screen because of some system errors after dropped it. In this situation, you can easily fix the problem without having to spend any money, all you need is a free reboot tool named Reiboot. The software can reboot your iPhone 7 with ease, so if your iPhone 7 screen went black, you can try this solution first to check out the software problem. If you there is some big problem on the software, such as iOS crashes, severe damage and other stuck issues, you can also try this tool to repair the iOS operating system.

Situation 2. Screen problem causing the black screen on iPhone 7

After your iPhone 7 went black screen, you must have tried to restart your phone, if the iPhone 7 still receiving texts and calls and the phone vibrates but the screen stay black, it means the screen of your iPhone 7 is broken. In this situation, you have no choice to change the screen, and unfortunately, the price may more than $100.

Situation 3. Other hardware problems causing the black screen on iPhone 7

If your iPhone 7 shows no activity however much you try, it may be due to an internal problem, such as the link cable is broken. In this situation, if it is under 1 year old you can try to get AT&T or Apple to replace it, just say it turned off out of nowhere. If out of warranty, then you need to find a repair shop to fix your problem.

To prevent your iPhone 7 screen turns black after dropped it, we recommend you to use a case, which can protect your iPhone in a certain extent.