Oct 282016

“Help…My iPhone 6s stuck on updating screen when I try to update iOS 10. This is really incredible! if I know that will damage my iPhone 6s, I will not update it. Now it’s too late to regret it. I am confused that how to deal with it. I need to get it normal and let my life to be usual as before. So does anyone know how to? So many thanks to you. Wait for the solution about that.”

As iPhone users, on one hand, you can enjoy the convenience of smart phone, on the other hand, you also have to at risk of losing data and software updating accident. For example, the above iPhone 6s user, his iPhone 6s stuck on updating iOS 10 screen and can’t use the device. This is a serious problem. If he can’t solve the problem, he will lose the device forever, and also lose the data in it. Consequently, he have to find out the method to help with himself as soon as possible. In this article, we are going to share the ideas about how to fix iPhone 6s stuck on updating iOS 10 screen problem.


If iPhone 6s stuck on updating iOS 10 screen, how to fix the issue? Just using a method, then you can solve it quickly. That is to make use of Tenorshare iCareFone. This software is designed to solve the problem of iPhone issues. It contains 6 small functions, which are File Manager, Speedup &Clean, Backup &Restore, Ads Remove, Fix iOS Stuck and Repair Operating System. It supports Windows and Mac version, so no matter what machine it is, you will get the answer of your problem, because it supports 90% iPhone bugs especially when you update iOS system.

Now you can see how to use it as below:
Step 1: Download iCareFone from official website and then install it to your Windows or Mac computer.
Step 2: Then open this software, connect your iPhone 6s to the computer, if possible, click Yes to agree the smart phone connect to computer. Then the software will recognize iPhone 6s.
Step 3: After that, you will see the 6 parts of this software. Just click “Repair Operating System” and then click the Start button, and then keep clicking the Start button, until you see the interface that allows you to download the Firmware package online.
Step 4: Click the Download button to download firmware package and then import the firmware package manually. And then you can see the interface that shows all the iPhone bugs, such as stuck at Apple logo, Recovery mode loop, black screen, etc.
Step 5: Then click Next button to begin the repairing, until the system is repaired successfully. Then close the software and disconnect the iPhone 6s and the computer. After a while, you will see the iPhone 6s screen as usual.


That’s the way about how to fix iPhone 6s stuck on updating screen. Hope it is helpful to you and if you think that is of great help, welcome to share it with your friends.