Sep 202016

In 2007, as the first iPhone came to our eyes, the Android phone appeared in the next year, and from then on, the smart phone market enter a new era. Even though Jobs had ever criticized that Android plagiarized iOS, however, as the development of these two systems, they learned from each other always. That is to say, if a customer would like to buy a new phone, he/she only has two choices, iPhone or Android phone.


Apple iOS and Android are the two most popular operating systems for smart phones and tablets. These two intelligent mobile systems have occurred 97% share in the phone market so far. Therefore, some users usually compare them and want to know which one is better. From the data survey shows, iOS is better than Android system. Take the iOS 10 and Android 7 Nougat for example, here we will look at the reasons about iOS 10 is better than Android 7. Just keep reading it.

If you are decide on buying an iOS or Android phone and have no idea about which platform is better, then you need to know more information about these two systems and then decide which to use. We have spent plenty of time with both and here we are going to tell you why iOS is better than Android.


Top 1: App Store: iOS 10 is better than Android 7

That is no denying that App Store is one of the big innovations of iOS system because in the past, nearly all the smart phones had to connect to PC to transfer and install application. Apple is the first company to integrate them to mobile phone, and of course, this is quite convenient. And then, Android promotes the Play Store to provide the similar experience.

Relatively speaking, the numbers of Play Store Apps are more abundant, more than 1.6 million, and App Store is 1.5 million. However, from the totally quality and public praise, iOS is better. Because of iOS apps are more profitable, many software manufacturers prefer to promote new contents.


Top 2: Hardware Configuration: iOS 10 is better than Android 7

Among the smart phone hardware equipments, processor has arrived the bottleneck, there are no more distinctions between those mobile products, and then GPU has become the main factor to highlight the differences. Some bigger software, like 3D games, requires with high GPU performance. Apple iPhone A6 processor integrates Power VR SGX, which is better than Android.

What’s more, the special effect processing of iOS is based on GPU hardware acceleration, which is not able to totally make use of CPU or apps, but to render by GPU and then to reach more fluent manipulate manifestation. However, Android is not the same. Android needs to apply different mobile phone hardware, to satisfy different configuration, therefore, many graphical effects depend on the application itself, to accelerate or render, and to reply CPU operation. In that case, it will increase the load of acceleration.


Top 3:Stabilization: iOS 10 is better than Android 7

Even though there are so many problems we don’t want to admit, the objective fact is that, after a long time use, Android system may turn up instability phenomenon more or less, such as system crash. If the Android phone is able to change the charge, then it will be recovered. However, if the charge can’t be disassembled, we have to wait for the reboot to recover. Compared iOS 10 with Android 7, the former is better than the latter.

Well, that’s all about why iOS 10 is better than Android. Hope them are helpful. Last but not least, if you want to transfer data from iOS device to PC, to fix iOS stuck, to speed up iPhone, to backup and restore iPhone, to optimize iPhone, to remove ads, or to repair system, you can use the Tenorshare iCareFone to fix it.