Jun 232016

For the new version of iOS 10, Apple relies heavily on the opening of its operating system to other applications. Summary of WWDC announcements in 10 key points.


1. Interactions on the lock screen

Now, the home screen will light up as soon as the phone opened. On the iPhone 6s, eg, you can do a detailed overview of notifications using 3D Touch. The control center – available when slides your finger from the bottom of the screen – is also enriched.

2. Opens Siri to the world

With 2 billion requests per week, Siri has clearly become a popular use of iOS. The personal assistant may now be used by third party applications. For example, asking him to send a message on WhatsApp, WeChat or Slack, but also order him to contact an Uber driver.

3. The more intelligent text recognition

The QuickType functionality already offers different words according to the message being replied to. With deep learning – integrated on the device, not operated on Apple’s servers – the system will offer different answers.

4. Photos showcases memories

With tons of pictures contained on the iPhone, Apple has understood the need to integrate the possibilities to better find them. With the new tab Memories, Photos automatically gathered by locations, dates, themes (beach or mountain holiday) through a system called Advanced Computer Vision.

5. Maps is enriched with third party services

In addition to a new design, the Maps application with predictive. Dragging a finger from the bottom of the screen gives access to restaurant suggestions, which can be filtered for example by specialty. The new navigation interface also proposes the integration of traffic, without handles provided trips based on caps.

6. Apple finally reorganizes Music

Now with 15 million subscribers, Apple Music gets a long-awaited beauty. The new organization of the sections allows such easy access to songs stored locally on the iPhone. The lyrics are now available on all songs. We also note the disappearance of the section Connect, now integrated into a new section, “For you.” As for radio, there is access to the programming to come and listen to old shows.

7. News manages subscriptions

Still not available in France, news yet integrates more than 2,000 newspaper titles and has 60 million users. In addition to a new design, it now includes subscriptions to view the content of its magazines directly within the application.

8. Home: an application to manage his house

The new Home application can now manage all connected household objects compatible with HomeKit. The interface allows access to all of them, but mostly offers scene mode that coordinates them. By indicating that one goes to bed, Home is in charge of turning off lights, turning down the heat and close the shutters. If we say hello to Siri in the morning, it does all reopen. Finally the Apple Watch that is worn on his wrist may indicate that one leaves home, Home then charges the close. The application will also be available on Apple TV.

9. The Phone application prevents spam

To prevent spam calls, the application can now analyze the numbers to inform the recipient. Visual voicemail is also enriched by the written transcript of the message for future reference without having to listen. Finally, it also opens up to third party applications to be able to call for more transparency from Messenger or WhatsApp.

10. Messages becomes fun, very fun

Last but not least, messages, the most used application on the iPhone is expanding. One can have a glimpse of sent links easily replace words with emoji or give effect to the bubbles that contain the text. Once again, Apple opens for developers to be able to go digging in their applications stickers or other entertainment.

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