Apr 262016

“I’m stuck because I cannot sync my songs to my iPhone after upgrade to iOS 9.3. It seems that everything I bought cannot be synchronized. If you know a bit more than me, pls tell me what to do. Thank you in advance.”

“I have a problem, I think the iTunes 12.3 comes out and supports the newest iOS 9.3, but there is no way to sync music to my iPhone SE.”

To fully solve the problems of the iTunes synchronization, we have collected the most appropriate solution for this problem. Now simply follow this post and solve problem with ease.

iTunes-Wont-Sync-Songs-to-iPhone with-iOS-9.3

Since the launch of iOS 9.3 and iTunes 12.3.3, many users have experienced the problem of synchronizing music with iTunes. No song has been transferred after some tests. You could solve it with the following solutions:

  • Make sure you have enabled iTunes Match in Settings >> Music.
  • Connect your iPhone running iOS 9.3 and launch the newest iTunes on your PC.
  • Click the device name in the top corner of the iTunes.
  • Select Music in the navigation panel.
  • Uncheck the sync music option on the right, and click Synchronize or apply.
  • Once the synchronization finished, check Sync music and re-tap Apply or Synchronize.
  • Disconnect your iPhone or iPad and see if your music is transferred.

If you want to sycn music to iPhone with ease, you can use a powerful transfer tool, called Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro. The software offers you a chance to restore iTunes media files easily even if they are lost or corrupted. And there are several steps to help you fix iTunes won’t sync songs to iPhone with iOS 9.3.

Step1. Launch iPhone Care Pro on your PC and connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable.

Step2. Click on “Files Manager” and select “Music”, Click “Add” on the menu to add music to your iPhone.

Step3. Click “Refresh” and it will be synced to your iPhone.

Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro not only can transfer data between your iPhone (iOS 9.3 included) and computer, but also can speed up, optimize, cleanup your iPhone (iPhone SE included) and keep it safe.