Mar 092016

A few days ago, I bought a new Samsung phone, and I want to transfer WhatsApp chats from my old iPhone to the new Samsung phone, who can help me?
In this article, you will know two ways to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android phone (such as Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Moto, LG phone and tablets)

Way 1 : Using Email Chat

Step 1: Find “Settings” at WhatsApp from your iPhone, click “Chat settings”, then click “Email chat”from the showing list.
Step 2: Choose the WhatsApp history that you want to transfer. A window will pop out says that “Attaching Media will generate a larger email message”. Click “ Without Media” or “ Attach Media” according to your needs.
Step 3: Type your email number at the sending interface and click “Send”.
Step 4: Log in your email at your Android phone, you can view your WhatsApp messages at email from your Android phone. But you can’t sync WhatsApp messages to your WhatsApp application.

Tips: This is not suitable for massive transfer. It could be a trouble-maker to email messages from contacts one by one.
transfer whatsapp chats from iphone to android

Way 2 : Using Backup

Step 1: First, back up your WhatsApp messages on your Android phone.
Find “Settings” at WhatsApp from your iPhone, click “Chat settings”, then click “Email chat” from the showing list.
Step2:Uninstall WhatsApp on your iPhone.
Step 3: Install Whats App and register your original phone number at Android phone.
A window will pop out says that message backup was found. Click “Restore”, and transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android will be finished soon.

Tips: Please uninstall WhatsApp first, then install WhatsApp on your Android phone. This is the only way that WhatsApp will restore new messages back up.

Suggest you can back up your WhatsApp chats to your computer before you transfer whatsapp chats from iPhone to Android with iPhone data recovery. This software is also can help you recovery lost photos/notes/sms/WhatsApp chats from iPhone. It is the most professional tool in the word which can help you recover lost iPhone data with 3 ways: recover data directly from iPhone without backup, retrieve iPhone files from iTunes backup and restore iPhone data from iCloud backup.

Hope one of the two ways can help you, you also can use this way to move whatsApp messages from iPhone to Android.