Dec 032015

“My girlfriend uses an iPhone 6 plus and I use a Samsung galaxy s4(Android system), she has recorded an 35 min video and want to send it to my Android phone by the use of WhatsApp(we are in a long distance relationship), but WhatsApp unable to send file larger than 16MB. Is there any way to send a 35 min video from iPhone 6 plus to Android on WhatsApp? Help please!”

The restrict of WhatsApp can’t transfer large files is really annoying some users, but it is set and cannot be changed, at least for now, so it is better to find a solution rather than complain. Here we will teach you how to send large files in WhatsApp to fix the issues like send a 35 min video from iPhone 6 plus to Android.

how to send videos in whatsapp in iPhone

Thanks to the size limit of transfer files, we can’t break the limit to direct send large video from iPhone 6 plus to Android, so we need some help from some third-party cloud services, such as a well-known Dropbox which can be installed on iPhone 6 plus and Android phones.

The principle to use third-party cloud services to send large video in WhatsApp in iPhone is simple, first, you need to upload the large files such as the 35 min video to the cloud services and get a link of this file, then copy the link and send it to your WhatsApp friends, your friend receive the link and download your file from cloud services.

Take Dropbox as example, download and install Dropbox on iPhone 6 plus and Samsung galaxy s4. On iPhone 6 plus, find the 35 min video on Dropbox and tap the drop-down arrow, choose “share” and select the “Copy link” on the pop-up list. Open WhatsApp, choose you to start a conversation and paste the link to send to your Android phone, then you will be able to download the 35 min video.

The steps above is simple and ease-to-operate, can perfectly solve your issue of unable to send a 35 min video from iPhone 6 PLus to Android. Except for this, you also can use this method to send other large files in WhatsApp from iPhone to Android or from Android to iPhone.