Jun 192015

If you are crazy about WhatsApp chatting with your loves and friends, you must have many funny or meanningful messages between them. However, iPhone memory space is limited, because iOS occupy most of space to run, and apps, media files or other data also need to be store for various usage. WhatsApp message is also a “space monstor” as the app is used frequently. Besides, it is hard to clean those messages data because most of them have special meaning for us. What’s more, WhatsApp will automatically clean messages data when dealine come, user can’t get back those messages data from backup.

So, it is necessary to find ways to transfer iPhone WhatsApp messages to Mac computer for backup.

Way 1: Officially, E-mail messages and save in your computer

To save WhatsApp messages to computer, WhatsApp provides a E-mail method for user to mail their messages data to their own E-mail account as an attachment. However, such as video, voice messages are not avalible. Then, you can download the attachments and save in computer. The attachment is a .txt files, which is easy to be saved and copied.

Honestly, this E-mail way may be not so convenient, especailly when the messages data is large, attactment in E-mail have limitation of size.


transfer iphone whatsapp messages to mac

Way 2:Use data transfer tool for iPhone

Another way to transfer iPhone WhatsApp messages to Mac computer is using data transfer tool. Search on the web, so many choices can help you, most of them have the option that is designed for WhatsApp chatting data.

Transfering tool for iPhone:

iAny Transfer

Way 3: Use Free WhatsApp Recovery for Mac

Free WhatsApp Recovery for Mac is a freeware designed to restore/recover the chat (and all attachment) deleted from the app Whatsapp from iPhone/iPad/iPod. Recover WhatsApp individual and group conversations (text messages, photos, videos, audios) and save them on your PC in txt, xls or xml.

This program not only can export iPhone WhatsApp messages data to Mac computer, but also can help you recover lost, deleted WhatsApp messages from iPhone.