Jan 152015

As far as I know, people are tend to record notes with mobile devices, rather than the notebook, since the mobile devices screen is bigger than bigger and the note app is designed to record things very convenient. However, although it is very convenient, safety cannot be guaranteed. As an iPhone user, iPhone notes disappeared problem has happened to me more than one time, luckily I got back lost notes finally, and I also realize that the safest way to keep my notes is to transfer iPhone notes to computer.

transfer iPhone notes to computer

If you have the same trouble as me, then I guess you may open browner and enter “how to transfer iPhone notes to PC” to search for the solution. The result is, Google will present different kinds of iPhone note transfer tools for you. Indeed, some iPhone data transfer programs maybe work, yet, in my opinion, this is not the perfect option. What I choose is any iPhone data recovery. This is exactly the data recovery tool which also helps me recover iPhone notes, the tool which also can scan all the notes in iPhone and save them to computer. Often, iPhone notes missing suddenly that there’s not enough time for us to transfer them to computer, then owning an iPhone note recovery tool is very important too.

You need perform 3 steps to save iPhone notes to computer:

Step 1:
Download any iPhone data recovery on computer. To transfer iPhone notes to Mac, please download the Mac version. Install and run program.

Step 2:
Connect your iPhone to computer, and then click the “Recover Data from iOS Device” selection. After the connection is done, this program will begin to scan your iPhone files automatically.

Step 3:
When the scan is over, on the left of the program interface, click “Note” catalogue to preview iPhone notes. At last, hit the notes need to transfer to pc, click “Recover” button to save them on computer.

This iPhone tool not only able to transfer iPhone notes to computer, but also transfer iPhone text messages, music, photos, contacts and more files to PC. Give it a shot and let me know if you had transferred iPhone notes to pc successfully.