Dec 252014

Buy a new iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3, and want to transfer info from the old iPad to the new iPad? Generally speaking, the old iPad will be sold or give away after we get the new one that we deeply need to migrate files.  For some reasons, Apple doesn’t allows you transfer data between iPad devices with simple copy and paste, don’t disappoint, to transfer contacts, notes, photos, text messages, video and more files to the new iPad, you can follow any methods below:

transfer data from old iPad to iPad Air 2 Mini 3

The First Method: Transfer Data from Old iPad to iPad Air 2/iPad Mini 3 Using iAny Transfer

iAny Transfer is a data transfer tool which allows you to transfer iPad data to computer, iTunes, between iPad devices and even transfer iPad data to iPhone, iPod.

Here are the steps:
#1:  Download iAny Transfer and install it on computer, run program.
#2:  Connect the old iPad to PC and transfer any iPad data to computer.
#3: Disconnect the old iPad and connect the new iPad, import the data transferred from the old iPad on computer to the new iPad.

This is the most easy and quick way to move old iPad data to the new iPad Air and iPad Mini 3. And if you upgrade your iPhone or iPod, you can follow the same steps above to transfer info from the old device to the new device too, read more!

The Second Method: Move Info from the Old iPad to the new iPad with iTunes

Please performance these steps:
a.    Launch iTunes and connect the old iPad with computer and backup iPad data to iTunes, then disconnect old iPad
b.    Connect the iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3 to PC and choose “Backup content to this device” option to receive the data from the old iPad.

The Third Method: Migrate Data from Old iPad to the iPad Air 2/iPad Mini 3 via iCloud

Follow these easy steps:
* Set iPad language and country after the iPad power on.
* Connect iPad with WiFi
* Tap “Restore from iCloud backup” option and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
* Choose the backup name of the old iPad and restore it to the new iPad.

transfer data from old ipad to new ipad via iCloud

Congratulations! You can enjoy the old data on your new iPad now!